Temptations… Temptations…

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There will always be someone prettier, sexier and much, much hotter than your girlfriend. It’s a fact of the physical world. The only thing worse than finding yourself attracted with some girl is when the girl you find hotter than your own ladylove is if your girlfriend’s own sister.

That’s not a rare occurrence. If anything, about 25% of all my clients have this problem… they eventually discover that the sisters of their girlfriends are much hotter! In fact, 10% of them would even fall in love with the woman’s mother.

No freaking joke!


Quoting our fellow dating coach here at EFX2BLOGS Marissa Musk, “It’s like a big bad movie joke played on someone like Vince Vaughn.”

But should you find yourself in this weird Hollywood-esque situation, here are some tips to get away from your girlfriend’s hot sister without getting in trouble with either your girlfriend or her sister:

Find her flaws.

I know a lot of girls who find this technique very useful for when we feel insecure over other girls. Sure, she is an adventurous girl who can do anything and be really an attractive tomboy, but surely there must be something that you can do better! So this may work out just fine with you and your unusual and unacceptable attraction to your unofficial sister-in-law. Maybe she has dirty toes. Or smelly feet and underarms. Or maybe she has scabies. She may also be bad with money. It would be even better and more effective if you find the flaws that make her inferior to your girlfriend. (P.S. voicing out your thoughts to your girlfriend on this matter may not exactly be a great idea; she’ll hate you for it!)

Appreciate your girlfriend more.

While you are busy ‘depreciating’ (for lack of better terms) your girlfriend’s hot sister, you can do a better job at appreciating your girlfriend more. Don’t keep it to yourself! Tell your girlfriend how awesome she is (see this for some awesome tips), tell your friends about it, and remind yourself about it every time her hot sister enters the room wearing nothing but nipple tapes. You are in love with your girlfriend for a reason (and if you have not found out what that reason is, follow this advice) and not a deceivingly hot sister could probably never, EVER, match.

Don’t tell your friends about her in a lustful way.

‘Wait ‘til you hear this dude. Ashley – my girlfriend’s sister – is one f****** hot tamales. You should see the curves on her. She’s deliiiiish!’ doesn’t this make you cringe? Really? You have that much ‘desire’ for your girlfriend’s own sister? And you tell your friends about it? Ah, that’s got to be the worst thing you could do to your girlfriend, your relationship, and yourself. Sure you can say she is attractive, but don’t go beyond that. Don’t even allow your friends to talk about her in an equally lustful way. Respect and protect her the way you would her sister – your girlfriend – because they are sisters and because they are women.

Think of her as your own sister.

This is perhaps the most challenging but the most effective way to make yourself forget about your girlfriend’s sister’s attractiveness. Because that’s what she basically is.  Your love for your girlfriend dictates that you love her family – including that gorgeous sister of hers. Heck, she might even turn out to be a player for all you know.

Lastly, stop describing her as ‘hot’.

She is beautiful, she is attractive, she is pretty –use every other adjective similar to it but do not use ‘hot’. It will make it seem like you have other worldly intents and desires for your girlfriend’s own sister. Practice self-restraint… and follow this advice by Mahatma Gandhi.

Take heed, my brothers.

PS: I miss you, Marissa. 🙁

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