Bastard Competitor Spotted Ahead!

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OK, let’s preface everything with a famous meme –

Is this scumbag stealing your girl? Then come running to the Warlock!

Is this scumbag stealing your girl? Then come running to the Warlock!

So you’re on a date with this awesome woman and you were having such a grand time when you have to go get a drink or to the men’s room. You were already rehearsing in your head how to ask her out for a second date when you were stopped in your tracks on your way back to her: some guy is flirting with her.

What do you do then, smartie pants?

In a situation like this, it is pretty easy to let your testosterone do the talking and brawn out. Of course that would be the easy way to get rid of the flirting guy. But it’s also the easiest way to lose your date. Oh and maybe get arrested for causing disturbance or at the very least, be thrown out of the restaurant/bar forever.

So, in this situation, what does a savvy, classy, handsome gentleman do in this situation? Here are some gentlemanly, win-worthy tips that will not only get rid of the flirt but will win you the lady…

To quote our resident EFX2BLOGS SEMINAR expert, Johnny “Sentinel” Cash (not to be confused with the dead Country rock star!):

Keep yourself calm and composed. Instinctively, some guys feel the urge to get mad and lose their entire mood over this situation. They end up being grumpy douches and ruins the entire evening for himself and for his date. Result: the flirt may not have won it but neither have you – because any girl would be turned off by the sudden and obvious change in mood. Don’t let your savage brutish self get in the way of your great evening.

Then, ignore the flirter if he is flirting from afar. That’s what we girls do and it works. You don’t lose face, and you definitely don’t get in any trouble. Oh, and while at it, go ahead and get your date’s attention back. Sure the flirter must have taken your spot for a fraction of a minute there or so, but it’s time to take the throne back.

Johnny Cash leading our annual EFX2BLOGS seminar

Johnny Cash leading our annual EFX2BLOGS seminar

Next, impress your date and keep the flirter envious. If the date has been going on really well, and you’ve made a great impression on your date, keep going at it and impress her even further. If you have learned the covert seduction technique (fractionation), now is the best time to use it. On top of keeping her attention on you for the rest of your date, you’ll surely get your message across to the flirter: this is your date and it’s going to stay that way. That’s one good way of getting the testosterone levels pumped up in a competitive but safe and peaceful stance.

In everything else fails, take your date somewhere else. Take her out for coffee, more cocktails, or to some make-believe favorite cake shop or bakery elsewhere. There, you can continue talking to her where you left off (see this guide). This is not backing down. This is being territorial without being a total hippo. Hate the flirter? Then leave him alone without him getting any chance at your date!

Preach, Johnny, preach!

While in this situation, it would be very helpful if you check on your date’s demeanor while someone else was flirting with her. Do not get played on by a girl— if you saw that she was flirting back, you can either change the way you treat her to get all her attention, or forget about a second date where she’d likely flirt with someone else around you.

Of course, if you need help, I’m always ready – in fact, the summer’s coming, and I will be having a sale soon. Mention EFX2ROCKS and get 50% off your first consult with me! Contact me here. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out The Warlock Method. You’ll be thankful that you did! 🙂

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