What If She’s A Prick To You? Some Ideas From The Warlock!

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James Matthews (jimmyjamez@hotmail.com) from Des Moines, Iowa emailed me just last weekend:

“What could be worse than being rejected by a girl?”

Here’s the Warlock’s answer to James:-

Simple answer, Jimmy: not being rejected but not being accepted either. Being in a relationship limbo is even worse than being in the friendzone. With friendzone, you know where you’re at – friendship and nothing more. You keep your hopes in check, you know how to act, you know what you are to her.

But being in this limbo – of “being more than friends and less than lovers”, it’s one way or the other.  The thing about this state of un-relationship is that, it does not have a future. It’s just one way or the other. One of you would have to make a decision real soon.


Real picture of James, one of my coaching clients, proposing to his now wife! Good on ya Jimmy!

If you’re in this situation, and she keeps you hanging for far too long, there are two things that you can do: fight or flight. If you think she is worthy of a fight, try some techniques on how to win a girl over first (see my previous guide published at EFX2).

Let’s say you’ve been dating for the longest time but she hasn’t said no to you. Neither has she said yes. What’s a guy to do anyway when the decision always lies in the hands of the lady? The first thing to do is to confront her.

Remember that she cannot keep dodging the subject forever and enjoy the benefits and comforts of being in a relationship without actually making a commitment. So instead of waiting for her to make a move towards it, if you think it’s taken too long, then maybe it’s time you bring the subject up yourself. Don’t be a wimp! You’re a Warlock disciple! Ask her to make up her mind or leave you for that turd of a boyfriend!

There are two ways that she might react from it: to face you or to continuously dodge from it. If she does talk to you about it, listen to what she has to say. There’s probably a reason why she isn’t ready, or why she’s afraid of commitment, or why she is not ready for you.

If it’s a trust issue, you might have to go a step further with earning her trust. If it’s fear of commitment she has, then you would have to make her feel better about being in an actual relationship with you. Sometimes, it just takes the right person to quell all fear out. It is also extra helpful if you know what goes on in her mind.

Bonus Tips From Missy Mack, Our Resident Advisor

“When you confront her, Jimmy, make her understand why you need a decision sooner or later. You can’t both be wasting each other’s time by being together but not really being together. Explain to her that you are actually looking for a real relationship, and not just someone to keep your bed warm – you want someone that will be there when things are far less comfortable and convenient.

And if you cannot be that for each other, then you’re cheating yourselves of the chance to meet the right person meant for it. So, maybe the breakup is a good thing after all.”

Fight or Flight? Here’s the Quick Answer From The Warlock…

If she just could not make a decision, or she cannot give you just enough reason to wait any longer for her to make a final step, then it’s time to see her off and leave her.

Dude, man up!

Save yourself from further heartaches, boy. I hate to break it to you but she’s just not that into you. When you have come to that stage, use this excellent guide to stop the breakup… trust me, you’ll need it.

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