Video On How To Win A Girl’s Heart

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Watch this video and learn how to win her heart over like a true pro –

I find this very inspirational! And funny too!

The video above relates well to the October Man Sequence which is said to be one of the strongest dating and seduction techniques ever to be invented by men. I do not know the specifics but masters in the underground seduction scene swear by this little technique. Apparently the technique has got to do with using fractionation (some information can be found at and using this hypnotic technique to pick up girls like a true professional. I am not sure if the technique is effective, but there are people I know who have used it effectively to make women fall in love with them – even though they have just met for about 15 minutes. This seems to be a surefire way on winning a girl over especially when you think that you have blown the chances.

Many guys want to be good at dating, love and seduction but they do not know where to start. If you want to learn about this technique, then go to the OctoberManSequence website and read up (you might take up some time doing this) about how to use the tactic to quickly get a girl to fall in love with you. It’s not easy, but it’s definitely worth it, especially if you want to improve your game and be good with women. Highly recommended! Email me if you want to share your seduction success stories!

With techniques such as the October Man the sky is the limit when it comes to dating and seducing high quality women!

What is interesting about the October Man Sequence is that it “hacks” into a woman’s mind and by using techniques that tap into the female psychology any man is able to make any woman fall in love using some really nifty anchors and other Neuro Linguistic Programming (or better known as NLP) devices. It’s simply exceptional. However, there is one drawback – it is often difficult to pull the October Man Sequence technique off successfully simply because you will need some prior experience in mind control and hypnosis in order to be good at it. Therefore, learn as much hypnosis and persuasion as you can and you will be able to master the art of seducing women successfully.

A good resource on hypnosis and persuasion is the internet obviously. is a good site where you can find out more about how to use covert “female loophole” techniques to seduce women. Try it and let me know how it works for you.

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