My Coaching Client Asks Me… Should I Date A Hippie?

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My coaching client Satoshi Pukimoura from Osaka, Japan, asked me:

“A hippie girl is chasing me. Should I go out with her? Is yes, then would the Warlock Method be relevant?”

Well, Satoshi, the hippie movement is back in the mainstream. As ironic as it sounds, it is true. I know this because about five of my current coaching clients (out of the graduating class of 29) said they were dating hippies! Serious.

Now although the hipsters have never really gone away, their presence quieted down for quite a while until much recently. And now you see them pretty hipster girls everywhere with their pretty little braids, organic bags, vintage looks, and outspoken opinions about the things that matter in the society.

Interestingly, I’ve just had a conversation with a fellow blogger Sean (who runs the awesome, and he is of the same opinion – that hippie dating is coming back in style, and with a vengeance!

So you’re attracted to a hippie chick? And you think you have a clue on how to date one? Hah! Think again. They are cut differently from the mainstream ladies of this generation. Your old ways may not exactly fit into their against-the-flow personalities and lifestyles.

So here goes something that might help you dodge a probable hipster rejection (which kinda sucks). To my dear client Satoshi (and the rest of you Chihuahuas) who are thinking of roaming into hippie seduction territory…


My friend Caroline is a hippie, and she’s darn proud of it!

  • Leave your expensive stuff at home. If you’re used to wearing leather through and through and you have the latest phone model around, and you drive around town in your posh European luxury car, then you’re out of the hippie girl’s date options. Hipster girls are against the trend, against the elitist, and so-called self-centered lifestyles of this modern day and age (the Liberal Girl memes all ring somewhat true). Ditch your expensive crocodile loafers for cloth espadrilles or flip flops and discover your town’s local train station. You can never wow a hippie chick with the glitz and glams so change your style.
  • Avoid the meaty options for meal dates. Going on a dinner date? Forget about taking her to a barbecue. Most hipster girls are tree huggers and vegetarians too so the best options for you on a dinner or lunch date is at your local organic farmer’s market, some vegetarian restaurant, or artist’s café. The food, the atmosphere, and the people in these places in general fit her taste and she’d likely be more comfortable than if you take her to some posh restaurant or bar. Bonus tip: read this Cosmo article on dating vegans…. and thank me later. 🙂
  • You don’t have to be a hipster to date one. You’re not in some contest for the next John and Yoko or something. You don’t need to exactly share in her beliefs be it in politics, the environment or lifestyle. The secret, however, is to be open minded. And be a gentleman. It never fails. Do not frown at her hippie ways or bad mouth her causes. Hipster activists are some of the most passionate people around and they would not appreciate their cause being ridiculed. If you can’t accept it, at least respect it.
  • Give her an appropriate gift. Again, the more expensive ones will be frowned at. Or worse, she’d give you a lecture on how many children in Africa would have benefited from the money you spent on her gift. If you have the time and the skills, make her a handmade trinket or something. If not, you can always buy her a journal made out of recycled paper (see my personal favorites at Etsy), or some reusable bag made form organic materials. Or better yet, give her the gift of time by going out to discover her causes and maybe volunteer for one session or two.

I dearly hope you’ll beg a sexy hippie in your Christmas stockings this December! 🙂

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