The Eternal Commandments Of Love And Romance

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I felt compelled to write this out because I am sick and tired of those useless dating gurus spewing out wrong advice when it comes to love, romance and relationships. I can tolerate opinions, but not unproven “seduction theories” which may put men’s love lives in jeopardy.

There’s lots of useful nuggets here at this siteabout dating and love in general (though not specifically targeted for men). I am not too excited about other blogs – some are so blatantly commercial that they deserve to be nationalized. Now, don’t get me started on all those Ayn Rand fanboys who are unabashedly capitalist.

So, I am listing down here the eternal commandments of love and romance which I think most men should read and remember. Remember what John Kimble said: seduction is war – make no mistake about it. Remember this when you get in the field and you will do well in the game of dating, love and seduction:-

The Eternal Commandments Of Love And Romance – Remember These!

  • Always Be Approaching. As someone wise said, practice trumps knowledge every time. Stop reading seduction websites and blogs (including this one!) and start getting out there and approach. Learn about pickup lines and approach techniques – and then get out there in the field.
  • Learn Female Psychology. Most seduction tactics out there are based on the pioneering works of master hypnotists and psychology. Learn as much women psychology as possible. Then you will get a better understanding of the bigger picture, and how dating and seducing women falls under the bigger persuasion umbrella. And if you can stomach it, learn mind control (read the Wikipedia article here).
  • Buy Seduction Ebooks. You can get out there and make mistakes, but let’s face it – we are all human. We all get discouraged from time to time from repeated failures. Cut short your learning curve by buying seduction programs online. They are worth it.

Now what are you waiting for? Go improve your love life today. Don’t delay!

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