Seduction Using Mind Control And Female Psychology

How to seduce women using cutting edge mind control and psychology techniques

Now you are at this website and you need help figuring out how to seduce a woman and make her like you quickly. You definitely will find whatever that you were looking for here. This site developed with the specific reason default free dating love and pickup advice. I love writing about dating and seduction. I have been a pickup guru and the seduction expert for about 20 years now, long before anybody else.

Except David Welsh, maybe. 🙂

In this short blog post, I am going to share with you some particularly powerful ways on how to pick up a girl that most guys will never ever find out. (Sidenote: some of these techniques on picking up girls have been previously shared as a guest blog post at The problem with most guys now is they tend to want to over-complicate things when it comes to dating and seducing women will stop bitching that it is important for them to learn about convoluted dating routines or lame Pickup Artist style tactics in order to be successful with women. They tend to gravitate towards complicated techniques which are not proven to work. What they do not know is that the simplest techniques will work when it comes to making a go fall in love with you quickly and easily.

The best thing is that most techniques on seduction that work actually fairly simple to learn and apply in the real world. I urge you to find these techniques, study them, and perhaps most importantly test them when you approach women. In this respect it is important for you to commit to approaching women every single day. Do not make the mistake of learning seduction techniques for the sake of learning. In order to be good at a particular skill, you will need to apply that skill in real life. The same goes for dating and seducing women. It is not sufficient for you to read techniques off a block and hope that when the time comes you will be able to perform. The reality is that without practice you will not be able to improve your love life. Face up to this reality and you will be well on your way to seduction greatness.

What I teach my clients are fairly simple. First of all, in order to be attractive you have got to be different from the other guys so that you can win any girl over. Remember that the more popular goal is the more attraction she will get from guys around her. Therefore, in order to be attractive to her, you have got to stand out in her eyes. There is no point being another guy who is going after her without any particularly appealing and different characteristics that will make you stick in the mind.

Remember that seduction is war. It is really brutal out there! Realize that competition will be severe, and in order to win, you will need to be different. This is also the way to impress any woman quickly and easily. Remember the Eternal Commandments!

Next I’m going to share with you a simple trick on how to make a girl like you quickly. First of all ask her to describe to you how the dream guy would get her to describe to you as speedily as possible so that she forms a clear picture in her mind how the ideal boyfriend would be like. If you can use some mild hypnosis and persuasion techniques in order to convince her to participate in these exercise with you.

(Note: this is also known as value elicitation tactic in the hypnosis and deep persuasion world.)

When you have done this already asset to close the eyes, and then use the anchoring techniques which I’m going to show you later in order to make her think that you are the ideal boyfriend she has pictured in her mind. When you do this, you will associate yourself with the positive picture in the mind and make her love you quickly. It is amazingly simple but super powerful. Try it the next time you want to attract a girl and make her fall in love with you.



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