Pimping Up Your Apartment To Impress A Girl

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I have been a huge fan of home improvement lately, and I’ve just realized the importance of having a clean apartment in the overall context of impressing and attracting women. Think about it. A man’s home is necessarily a reflection of his individuality and personality. If you are a sloppy person, then your place will inevitably be untidy and dirty. Think about it.

Many of my friends can really put up a good show when they are out there “sarging” and picking up women, but the deal breaker is often the apartment when they finally bring the woman home. A dirty apartment or property will quickly kill attraction like nothing else. Beware!

So if you have got the money, do not skimp. Look for real estate for sale or rent which is located in a desirable part of town, and narrow down the choices based on your preference or locale. Sites like Trulia and Zillow are also good – but they can be confusing at times. Also consider hiring a good realtor or property broker especially if you are a first time property buyer or investor.

Once you have nailed this down, then you can be assured that you will achieve better results with women than never before. Trust me on this!

UPDATE January 6th, 2013: Apart from the obvious “demonstration of higher value” as outlined in the above blog post, I have also discovered the advantages of building inner game when it comes to building up your real estate portfolio. Having lots of confidence is good when it comes to making important decisions. I will talk more about this in our next blog post… which will commensurate the launch of my flagship Warlock Method!

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