Manly Skin Care, Anyone? (Contributed by Sarah Small, MEd)

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Fact: skin care products are not makeup. And using a facial wash does not make you less manly. Not even homosexual! And no, you don’t have to go Scott Disick overboard on the moisturizer.

Bigger fact: your girlfriend would not mind you using stuff on your face if it makes your skin clearer and better. Don’t believe me? Ask The Warlock. He’s pretty experienced in this area of seduction… and I’m dead serious!

I actually go out of my way to get the right facial wash for my man because I love him and I don’t think it makes him “gay” as many of you macho men would like to put it.

And yes, there are now facial and skin care products that are made for men. They have long been there you just didn’t notice them.

Here are some essential manly skin care tips (you and your girlfriend are going to thank me for this):

  • Cleansing facial wash – tired of acne? Hate the huge pores and blackheads and whiteheads? That’s just a lot of packed dirt all over your face – seeped in the cells and the pores of your face. These bacteria-infused dirt causes acne especially on oily skin and other skin impurities. Go for a facial wash that has anti-acne capacities and do it in the morning and at night. Go for an exfoliating wash so you don’t feel so weird about grabbing a cotton ball and rubbing it all over your face like we girls do. That should do the trick enough.
  • Moisturizer – this is especially important for men who smoke. Smoking, pollution, stress, excessive exposure to the sun – these can all cause the skin of men to become dry and unhealthy. It does not hurt to apply some manly lotion on your face after shower. No, it does not make your face “soft and supple” like a lady’s. But it does help make your face look younger. If you haven’t used any moisturizer in your life, The Independent made a top 10 list of the best moisturizers for men. Check them out here.
  • Shaving – face experts advise shaving after a warm shower. It will make the facial hair softer and much, much easier to shave. Use gel instead of cream or foam – gel reduces friction that often causes dryer skin, cuts and peeling around the hair area. Also, use a good sharp razor – the blade can make all the difference between good and bad shaving.
  • Sunblock Lotion – this is especially important for men who spend hours under the sun on a regular basis. Not only can this prolonged exposure cause your skin to be dryer and look older; you are actually increasing your risk of developing skin cancer due to the harmful UV rays of the sun. If you cannot survive being seen by friends under a pink little umbrella doing field work, then by all means stock your bathroom with sun block lotion with at least an SPF 50 mark. You can also get moisturizer that is infused with sunblock capacities so you don’t have to spend so much time applying and reapplying something.

Also, avoid facial wash and other facial products that have whitening capacities especially if you have darker skin on your body. You would not want your face to look way lighter than the rest of your body. And when you exfoliate, moisturize and wear sunblock, go from the face all the way to your neck. Your neck is just as exposed as your face and practically has the same type of skin as your face so it needs just as much attention. Follow all these and you’re now ready to be a master seducer! You should now have confidence to go attract any woman you want, especially when you’ve got killer skin and the knowledge from this fabulous “how to attract women” killer guide. 🙂


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