The Way Of The Gentleman

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To quote my friend Jimmy Patrick Keynes, whoever said that chivalry is dead and being a gentleman is not cool must be surrounded by arrogant douchebags (or are douchebags themselves). No truer words have been said, Jimmy!

So maybe in this day and age men who would take off his jacket to cover a puddle of mud are hard to find. Doesn’t mean they’ve gone extinct. In a society where all you see are men who wear the waistband of their jeans on their knees, walk around baring their abdomens in public, and whose vocabulary is 90% bleep-worthy on TV censorship standards, the well-mannered gentleman is but a precious gem to us women.


Jimmy P. Keynes: one of my dating coaches here at EFX2BLOGS!

So my dear EFX2BLOG readers, don’t listen to your fellow guys who say being a gentleman is being a loser. You can be cool and be a gentleman at the same time!

Here are some tips on how to become a gentleman:

  • Gentlemanliness is manliness at its best. You can be a workout machine with world-class biceps/triceps but with the attitude of a beast. Not cool man. Being a gentleman does not make you effeminate or whatever douchebags these days would like to call the finer of the lot. It makes you better, manlier men because you know how to put yourself out there for others.
  • Being a gentleman is being hygienic. A man’s personal hygiene is a good measure of his fineness. His nails are clean, his nose is clean, he does not smell bad, and he wears clean clothes. No you don’t have to douse yourself in perfume and be a walking fire hazard, but it does help if you smell just as clean as you look.
  • Being a gentleman is looking out for the needs of others, especially women, children and the aged before himself. A gentleman knows when and how he can help. This is the natural way to win a girl over (like what I’ve said earlier). He lets the grumpy old man go before him in the checkout counter because he knows he can stand a bit longer than the rheumatic man. He stops on his tracks to help a kid cross the street, and opens the door for a lady even when she wasn’t his date.
  • A gentleman is a RESPECTFUL driver. He does not cut on your lanes, he stays where he’s supposed to be and he does not disobey traffic rules. And oh, he does not honk angrily like a mad, savage ape. Heck, he does not even honk unless life-or-death necessary! Or if an Uber driver gets in his way! 🙂

And best of all, a gentleman treats his lady as an equal but still opens the door for her not because he thinks she’s incapable but because he thinks the lady deserves to be treated like a queen. Well, at least according to this.

Men, girls know it’s easy being a gentleman when you’re trying to impress us. But what we really see is what kind of man you are to people you’re not trying to get something from. That’s character. That’s true manliness. That’s sexy. Remember you don’t have to fight off multiple enemies to be a gentleman 🙂

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