Picking Up Girls: Is It Really That Hard?

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Hey, this is the Warlock writing from EFX2 HQ.

Many guys come up to me to ask about how to pick up a girl and make her fall in love quickly. My answer is quite standard. If you want to be good with women then you must first learn the basics of seduction techniques. In order to do so, you must improve on your rapport building skills with a girl. When you have done this, then you will be able to make any girl fall in love with you quickly and effortlessly. Now despite what most dating gurus and seduction teachers will tell you, learning about picking up women is really not difficult. All you need to do is to master some basic pickup and seduction techniques from proven teachers such as Neil Strauss, Tyler Durden, Derek Rake, Zack Abbie and Ronald Simpson. These teachers have taught dating and pickup to guys for years and they definitely know what they talk about when it comes to providing quality love and relationship advice.

If you want to know about the best techniques about picking up girls and making them fall in love, then you must first learn about female psychology and persuasion. It’s actually not really hard, and you do not need to go to college in order to learn about this. You can go online to sites like Fast Seduction and SeductionFAQ.com in order to equip yourself with the best dating and seduction knowledge out there in the world today. Seduction sites like derekrake.com and ijjjji.blogspot.com are good places to pick up good knowledge when you can then use when you are out there approaching women.

It’s All In The Practice, Baby

The biggest mistake that any guy can make when it comes to improving their love lives is to learn the art of seduction by reading a bunch of ebooks. While these online programs have value, nothing will beat the real in-field experience when it comes to seducing women. The best way to learn this stuff is through trial and error (after learning the techniques in a guide on how to pick up girls of course). You will need lots of practice! Don’t fall into the trap of reading too much and doing too little. Of course, books like Robert Greene’s Art Of Seduction and Derek Rake’s Dark Rake Method are also useful, but remember that in order to see results you will need to use them in real life.

There are lots of techniques out there which will give you the ultimate advantage when it comes to winning a girl over, but you must be selective because a lot of techniques are really a waste of time. Stop learning gimmicky tricks such as peacocking and forget about pick up lines. Follow the tips that I gave here and you will do fine. Truth!

Otherwise, you can contact me and we can see how we can help you further. 🙂


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