Love At The Supermarket… Possible?

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Me busking with my band (“THE WARLOCK”) outside Tesco!

Love, as they say, comes at the most unexpected times you’d have to be ready when it comes – whenever, and wherever that is. Yes, even when you’re innocently doing the groceries in your favorite PJs. So you have to be armed and ready with your flirting and pick up skills even when you’re really just out to buy some Cherry 7-Up’s; you’ll never know who you end up with on the way back anyway.

And just come to think of it, the supermarket is really a great place to meet great women – don’t take my word for it; see this great Marie Claire article. Compared to when you go to bars or attend parties and expect to meet women, the supermarket has very little pretense. Women don’t go to the grocery store to meet men, so they are at their most natural, most unpretentious, and sometimes most relaxed. For one, you can more easily spot who’s married and who’s not, the lights are bright so you can’t really blame it should you make a ‘bad choice’, and women know that just as they are not expecting to meet men on here, the men do the same. They know that men would not be out in the supermarket to pick up women so they won’t at all worry about men putting up a front if only to impress as many women as possible.

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So, how do you successfully flirt at the supermarket and maybe – just maybe, score a mini-date at the burger truck outside and/or get her number with your takeout? I’ve got just the right stuff for you besides of this rather fabulous guide to meeting women from; here are some tips on how to flirt [effectively] at your local supermarket:

  • Take your time to observe. So you spot her looking at the first aisle, you check out what she’s wearing, you check the fingers for any sign of a wedding band or an engagement ring (or at least the tan lines indicating that there was one on the middle and the ring fingers), you check out what she’s checking out. Do a profile check before making a move.
  • Ease up, comfortably and naturally, on the same aisle as her. Don’t just jump into her with a random conversation like you’ve been expecting to talk to her. Look at all the other things on the same aisle and simply start up a small conversation.
  • This is the supermarket, not the bar – keep the conversation light and friendly. This is where subtle flirting works best (heck, it should be the only kind that works in this situation). Don’t be the creepy guy who randomly flirts with girls in the supermarket – keep your flirting to a general patronage rating.
  • When you’ve engaged her successfully in a conversation, don’t forget to pick up stuff off the shelves. Remember boy, you’re here to fill up your pantry, not to meet ladies. Keep things un-creepy and natural by doing your groceries still.
  • Need help with something to extend conversation time. Be that poor confused guy who can’t tell which type of cheese goes best with lasagna, the guy who wants to cook up some freshly baked lasagna for mommy but can’t quite figure out the right cheese for it. Women will know! And if you’ve done well on the previous step, she’d be more than willing to help you. (Aside from Mommy excuses, pet stories also sell quite easily to the ladies).
  • Make your punchline at the counter. Of course, it can’t get any more perfect than this.

Good luck on your next trip to the supermarket… and of course, don’t go without first reading my awesome guide to supermarket seduction – click here!

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