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OK, so if you’re new to EFX2blog.com and my work, then here’s a Quick Start Guide which you can use. This short article also outlines my overall philosophy as far as dating and seducing women is concerned. 🙂

Of course, if you’d like more customized service and coaching, you’re welcome to contact me. However, I’d recommend that you read this guide first to gauge my style of seduction, and if you’re comfortable with what I teach.

You’ll see that I like using lots of Mind Control techniques based on eminent psychologists and scientists like John Grinder, Derek Rake, Igor Schalwzki and Carl Jung. As such, I am not a big fan of Pickup Artists in general, especially the kinds which advocate the use of pickup lines and “peacocking” to seduce women.

First, I’d like to talk about giving presents to women. When you’re dating, you’ll soon face the situation where you’ll need to buy gifts for the woman you’re dating. So, we’ll tackle this issue first, OK?

While it is no longer the norm these days, giving something to the girl on a first date is a classic move that will never go unappreciated. It does not even require anything grand or exquisite; as any lady would say – it is the thought that counts. The act gives the ladies the impression of you being a thoughtful, generous man who wants to let the ladies know that you’ve been thinking about her and about the things that could and might make her happy.

Of course, even if you’re bearing gifts, you don’t want to be a loudmouth – read this guide first.

But as with anything, there is a risk of committing a social faux pas – something that could risk the success of your first date, and every other date with that woman that you hoped would come after the first. You’re not dating your ex – this is a totally new person. In this case, there are things that are a huge no-no to give to a girl on a first date.

Avoid These… Unless You Wanna Look Like A Chump! 🙂

Bad impression tops the list, but apart from that, these things are the worst gifts one could ever, ever think of.  Here are the top five in the list that I give to my dating clients:-


Things you should never give… money and lingerie! Haha!

  1. Lingerie. Save this gift for your anniversary or at the very least for next Valentines’ Day. This isn’t something you give to someone you’ve just met and are rearing to get to know. Sure it’s the “thought” that counts, but what sort of thoughts have you been having about her anyway? It would not surprise me if she walks away from you the moment she sees your gift… stop coming across as a horny bastard.
  2. Expensive jewelry. Unless you want her to think that you’re bribing her into going out with you, or you’re feeding the gold digger in her, expensive jewelry is not something you should give a woman on a first date. This is something husbands give their wives on their wedding anniversaries, not something you give to someone who’s practically a stranger! (And besides, you have to be really, really, really rich to be able to pull this off).
  3. Cooking utensils. Even wives won’t accept an oven or a new induction cooker from their husbands as anniversary gifts. Why would you give her a kitchen item anyway? One, it’s not romantic. Second, it is kind of creepy to make her think that you’re already imagining sharing a kitchen with her. Way to ward off a potential romance mister!

    Things you should NOT give on your first date… cooking utensils!

  4. A pet or a real live plant. A pet means that you are giving her a real, alive reminder of you. If your date goes awry, she’d be stuck with such an indispensable reminder of how your date went or she’d have to find a way to get rid of the pet. And a real plant is something that teenage nerdy lovers give each other, not something that regular adult males give to their dates especially right before leaving for some fancy restaurant. (Ignore if you’re both green thumb who met at the last organic gardening seminar).
  5. Home-cooked food. Please don’t show up to her bearing your mom’s specialty dish. You are not attending her housewarming party and you’re certainly not welcoming her into the neighborhood. Save this for when she’s already invited you to dinner at her house… or when she’s ready, invite her to your place for dinner and desserts 🙂

Some things are just better saved for later. And these are some of them; for a first date, they are absolutely no-no grounds.

After gifting your date with the best present she can ever get in this lifetime, remember that you want to REPEL her as much as you can. To do this, I recommend that you make her go crazy over you – use this amazing guide from our mates at angelsgate. However, note that this “Operation Mind Screw” is not suitable for everybody… unless she is really comfortable with you. Otherwise, don’t risk it! Or, you can always use our in-house Warlock Method.

Finally – if you’d like me to coach you on the finer details of dating, attracting and seducing women, contact me and claim your 50% discount for the first session. I also do Skype calls on a limited basis.

Now go get ’em, Tiger! Meow!

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