The Warlock Method

I‘m going to share with you what we call the Warlock Method of seduction. But first, let’s revisit some fundamental questions about dating and seducing women first.

  • What does the woman you’re currently dating think about you?
  • Does she think you’re the kind she’d mess around with, go out with, and just flirt with?
  • Or does she see you as the serious, long-term boyfriend kind of guy?
  • Do you appear to her as the guy that she takes home to meet her parents and siblings, the kind that she describes to her girlfriends as the ‘might be the one’ guy or are you the ‘just another one of them’?

See, her perception of you will make or break whatever you currently have and whatever you plan to have with her.

Here’s what I learned as a dating guide for the past five years or so:- no matter how sincere you are, if your actions and words only seem to her as empty flirtations, don’t expect for her to want anything long term with you. That can only mean she couldn’t quite see your intentions towards her, and you might have to change your ways to get your real message and intention across.

Not sure what she really thinks about you? Here’s a heads up; she thinks you’re a keeper if:

  • She speaks to you about her family. One of the most common and obvious signs that a girl thinks you’re for keeps is if she trusts you with some of her most intimate stories (if she’s a secret hippie girl!), and family stories happen to be among them. Whether she tells you about her family secrets, family problems, or just plainly tell you everything about her family, you have successfully earned her trust.
  • She talks to you about her dreams. Like the family, her dreams are so personal and so intimate that you have to have earned a certain degree of her trust for her to share this with you. And if she does, she is actually seeing a guy who is for the long term, someone who can watch her chase after her dreams and be there for her when she finally does get it. Also, be aware that if she’s the conservative type (use this guide to help you) and yet if she talks openly with you about her aspirations, then she thinks you’re a keeper!
  • She goes out of her way to make you happy. A woman is one who does not only know how to appreciate effort, but also knows where and when to give effort. You must be totally worth her time for her to go out of her way to do something for you that makes you happy even when it is totally not something she’s used to doing.
  • She acts the same way she does when she’s with her friends whenever you’re together. A person’s true character is best measured when she’s around her family and when she’s around her friends. A lot of women get uncomfortable and awkward about being themselves in front of men; but if she acts all her weird and crazy self like she normally does with her friends even when she’s around you, she thinks you’re good enough to accept her in her true colors.
  • She makes long term plans with you. It takes a certain level of commitment for a person to see herself spending time with you in the future. It’s a good indication that she thinks you’re going to stay and that she would want to stay with you for a much longer time.

So, does she think you’re a keeper? Interestingly, 95% of my clients seem to think that they are. If you’d like to be my client, contact me for a 50% discount for your first face-to-face dating coaching session with me.

About John "Warlock" Byrnes

Nicknamed the "Warlock", I've been a dating coach since 2010. My latest guide, "The Newbie's Guide To Everlasting Love", is now available on Kindle. I am currently available for coaching work. Contact me using this form and get 50% off your first session with me. :)

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