Dating Adventurous Women: Not As Easy As It May Seem! (By Ernest Krugman)

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Today’s guide is contributed by our good friend and fellow dating coach Ernest P. Krugman. To contact Ernest, contact me (use this form) or email, thank you!

The ladies of today are far from the corset-bearing, fan-covering, veil-wearing women of the middle ages. And they have evolved from the Rosie the Riveters of the war era. The young women of today are more fearless and generally more adventurous. John has previously written about dating hippie girls which you can read here. And now, let’s talk about adventurous ones. We have become adventurous not only the jobs we do, the sports we participate in, and even in the hobbies that we do.


This being adventurous can only be seen by men two ways: an advantage and a challenge.

See, for some men, dating an adventurous girl makes it so much easier for them to take these girls out on dates. These girls like the outdoors or they like doing daredevil-ish stunts, or they plainly like doing anything that makes every testosterone-bearing man feel emasculated but still manage to look like they were wearing puffy dresses and stilettos while at it.

And for the equally adventurous man, this can only be good and towards their advantage since they would only make dating easier and, well, yes, adventurous.

Ernest, George and John at our annual dating guru mastermind meeting in Las Vegas

Ernest, George and John at our annual dating guru mastermind meeting in Las Vegas

But for the sedentary men, the men who could not leave the indoors and who could hardly make a shift off of their office seats to explore the wilder side of the world, this is a bit of a challenge. No, actually, a really big challenge.

If you’re one of these men who are challenged by adventurous girls, here are some tips and dating ideas for dating these adventurous wild-sided women (not to mention hippies!).

First, be open-minded. These unadventurous men are either too narrow-minded to accept that some women can be extra-adventurous than usual or they are too boring to try something new.

They either box these women to the stereotype of being less than decent and gave them less respect that they deserve or actually not join them in their adventures. And then there goes the potential girlfriend.

Poof! 🙂

Tell her to take it a little slow. You don’t really and exactly have to throw yourself off a bridge in a bungee jumping attempt just to show off and then suffer the consequences of your long term fear of heights.

You don’t have to be so much out of your comfort zone to try something for the sake of impressing her. Or at least you don’t have to do it abruptly.

You can keep her interested while you’re learning to enjoy the things that she does enjoy so give yourself some time to try things out.

Put an adventurous twist to your usual dates – to have you both enjoy each a piece of your thing.

So you’re into quiet, wine dates. She’s into exploring the outdoors. Why don’t you go on a picnic in the woods, on a starry night, with a basket full of wine and fruits or wine and chocolates. Then, you can have a deep conversation with her, and on topics like how she wants her eggs in the morning.

A little creativity and a little adventure will go a really long way, and the right girl will appreciate you venturing out into your unfamiliar and your uncomfortable turf to make her happy. Here are some unusual date ideas for you and your date – click here for this fantabulous guide from my friend “Wellness Mama”.

Remember, women are all about effort, effort, effort.

Take the challenge of dating an adventurous girl. I highly recommend it! And if you’d like a guide on how to meet women (particularly the adventurous kind), read this, and this – you’ll love them, guaranteed. 🙂

Just a sidenote: my ex-girlfriend Daryn used to be a champion skater! And I must say… she’s one hot kitten! She was the best thing that had ever happened to me… hands down! Can’t believe why she dumped me!

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