My Coaching Client Asks Me… Should I Date A Hippie?

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My coaching client Satoshi Pukimoura from Osaka, Japan, asked me:

“A hippie girl is chasing me. Should I go out with her? Is yes, then would the Warlock Method be relevant?”

Well, Satoshi, the hippie movement is back in the mainstream. As ironic as it sounds, it is true. I know this because about five of my current coaching clients (out of the graduating class of 29) said they were dating hippies! Serious.

Now although the hipsters have never really gone away, their presence quieted down for quite a while until much recently. And now you see them pretty hipster girls everywhere with their pretty little braids, organic bags, vintage looks, and outspoken opinions about the things that matter in the society.

Interestingly, I’ve just had a conversation with a fellow blogger Sean (who runs the awesome, and he is of the same opinion – that hippie dating is coming back in style, and with a vengeance!

So you’re attracted to a hippie chick? And you think you have a clue on how to date one? Hah! Think again. They are cut differently from the mainstream ladies of this generation. Your old ways may not exactly fit into their against-the-flow personalities and lifestyles.

So here goes something that might help you dodge a probable hipster rejection (which kinda sucks). To my dear client Satoshi (and the rest of you Chihuahuas) who are thinking of roaming into hippie seduction territory…


My friend Caroline is a hippie, and she’s darn proud of it!

  • Leave your expensive stuff at home. If you’re used to wearing leather through and through and you have the latest phone model around, and you drive around town in your posh European luxury car, then you’re out of the hippie girl’s date options. Hipster girls are against the trend, against the elitist, and so-called self-centered lifestyles of this modern day and age (the Liberal Girl memes all ring somewhat true). Ditch your expensive crocodile loafers for cloth espadrilles or flip flops and discover your town’s local train station. You can never wow a hippie chick with the glitz and glams so change your style.
  • Avoid the meaty options for meal dates. Going on a dinner date? Forget about taking her to a barbecue. Most hipster girls are tree huggers and vegetarians too so the best options for you on a dinner or lunch date is at your local organic farmer’s market, some vegetarian restaurant, or artist’s café. The food, the atmosphere, and the people in these places in general fit her taste and she’d likely be more comfortable than if you take her to some posh restaurant or bar. Bonus tip: read this Cosmo article on dating vegans…. and thank me later. 🙂
  • You don’t have to be a hipster to date one. You’re not in some contest for the next John and Yoko or something. You don’t need to exactly share in her beliefs be it in politics, the environment or lifestyle. The secret, however, is to be open minded. And be a gentleman. It never fails. Do not frown at her hippie ways or bad mouth her causes. Hipster activists are some of the most passionate people around and they would not appreciate their cause being ridiculed. If you can’t accept it, at least respect it.
  • Give her an appropriate gift. Again, the more expensive ones will be frowned at. Or worse, she’d give you a lecture on how many children in Africa would have benefited from the money you spent on her gift. If you have the time and the skills, make her a handmade trinket or something. If not, you can always buy her a journal made out of recycled paper (see my personal favorites at Etsy), or some reusable bag made form organic materials. Or better yet, give her the gift of time by going out to discover her causes and maybe volunteer for one session or two.

I dearly hope you’ll beg a sexy hippie in your Christmas stockings this December! 🙂

When You Meet A Female Player…

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We can’t all be that lucky all our lives; at least not all the time anyway. Some time, somewhere in our history, we get played (not to be confused with being kept hanging) on by some nasty player. Someone uses our vulnerability for their own selfish intents. That kinda sucks… I know.

Sure it’s unfair – but life is! And when this happens, what’s a classy gentleman to do? You’re an EFX2BLOGS reader… which means that you should know better! 🙂

I’ve polled my best dating guru mates and here’s what they think when one meets a female player…

Bob “Sarge” McDonalds (author of “The Smart Man’s Guide To Female Players”):

“Vengeance is never in your hands. The playing field is never even between a player and a non-player. And even if you call yourself a “self-confessed” player, you have proven yourself inadequate in that field by getting played on. So you can’t really get back at her in that premise. One, you’re likely to lose and two, doing it will not correct anything. At all. Sure it would take your ‘ego’ back but will it erase the fact that you’ve been played on? You got that one right: NO.”

Our yearly seminar with participation from all the gurus featured in this article

Our yearly seminar with participation from all the gurus featured in this article

George Mansfield:

“Do not avenge at someone else’s cost. A lot of guys have made the mistake of hurting someone else to avenge the bloody blow to their egos. For some reason, it somehow makes them feel better that they’ve done exactly what they’ve experienced. This is morally wrong. This is the epitome of ‘ungentlemanly’. Wait ‘til your conscience eats you up alive to understand what I’m talking about.”

Tamashi Onagoya (Japan’s leading pickup artist):

“Do not lose your pride over her when you know that you’ve been played. So she’s already told you – in the face – that she has been playing with you. Don’t go around stalking her, hoping that somewhere along the way she’d find herself liking you for real. Save your face boy. You’ve been played on – and the first step to moving on is acceptance. A gentleman knows where he is wanted and where he isn’t. And surely, the girl who was playing games on you definitely does not want you. If that’s the case, then go on a pickup spree – use this guide from the good folks at to know how to pick up a girl you like.”

Timothy Alexander (owner of the “Men’s Lane Agency”):

“Fight evil with kindness. One of the worst parts about getting played on, apart from actually getting played on, is when you get played on and she tells the whole freaking planet about it. But play it cool, like a true classy gentleman. If she says bad things about you, and people ask you about it, say nice things about her. Without any hint of sarcasm, tell them how good she was as a person. This may be hard, but in the end, everyone who knew about what she did to you will admire you for still being a gentleman in spite of.”

Stephy “Mystery” Blundell:

“Be happy with a new girl. No, I’m not suggesting getting a rebound. What I’m suggesting, however, is go out there and socialize and look HAPPY. Your ego may be killing you deep inside but if you put on the cool, unaffected, happy face in front of everyone you know – plus you say nice things about her – you’ll earn people’s respect. Oh, right about the same time she loses them.”

John “Warlock” Brynes (that’s me!):

“Use the incident to your advantage. A gentleman may be nice most of the time, but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how to use an opportunity when one comes knocking on his door. Don’t hesitate to tell the story of how you’ve been conned by a girl you truly cared about – share it with some girl you’ve been trying to pick up at the bar or at a party. Tell her exactly how gentlemanly your ways are in handling that situation. Now that’s classy! And don’t forget to use the Warlock Method!”


Let’s Talk About Kissing!

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In my career as a dating coach, one of the most common questions I get is “John, how do I get a kiss from the girl that I fancy?”

Well, here’s the answer. 🙂

First things first! Kissing is an essential part of intimate relationships.

Whether it’s a peck in the cheek, a small smack, or a full on torrid Frenchie, kissing is a very good way of conveying passion and intimacy to your partner.

Different types of kisses mean different things and done to different people (there are 39 of those, at least according to this site); but apart from how deep, how sloppy and how quick or how long the kiss lasted, the other thing that is an area of concern when it comes to kissing is when it happens. Do you delve into the quick first kiss on the first date? If not, when do you do it?


My friend James demonstrating his pecker techniques! Haha!

Here are some guidelines on kissing that you should never, ever forget:

  • The only acceptable kisses on the first date are the courteous pecks on the cheeks. One is enough but if you are feeling English, go for both cheeks. You cannot go too far as a peck on the lips on the first date, unless you want to go home with a slap on the face. But if she initiates it, given that the lady is not drunk or drugged, by all means take it but be a gentleman while at it.
  • Don’t forget your hygiene. A chance at some post-date smooch is always a good reason and motivation to floss and use mouthwash. Oh, and to bring breath mints as well. The last thing you want is end an otherwise awesome date with your lady having to catch her breath after kissing all the garlicky food you just had for dinner. This should also remind you to avoid strong-smelling food for dinner.
  • Don’t be too pushy and aggressive on your first kiss. In a boxing match, the first round or two is always used to measure up each other. The first kiss should be no different. Going too pushy and shoving in your tongue too soon is not the best way to go. Start slow, soft and gentle. It will not only get you a chance to adjust into her ‘kissing style’; she will think you’re the perfect gentleman.
  • Another very important point when kissing is where to place your hands while kissing. It is pretty easy to fall into full lust mode and try groping her. Do that when you’re in bed and ready to shred each other’s clothes off. But for the first few kisses, you may want to romantically but comfortably rest your hands cupping her jaws, or holding her waist firmly.
  • If your kiss was not meant for something else, end it with a kiss on the forehead. After smooching your way in her lips and you need to let go, finish it with a long, lingering peck on her forehead. For some reason, a kiss on the forehead after a long liplock is a way of showing respect for the lady. It’s a perfect way to cap off a kiss, and it does not even feel grandma-ish at all!
  • Don’t kiss and tell. A guy who kisses and tells is a total turn off. It’s disgusting, it’s ungentlemanly. This is against the rules. Still don’t get it? Go and read the flirting 101 guide at Now!

Are you ready for your kiss? Good luck!

What If She’s A Prick To You? Some Ideas From The Warlock!

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James Matthews ( from Des Moines, Iowa emailed me just last weekend:

“What could be worse than being rejected by a girl?”

Here’s the Warlock’s answer to James:-

Simple answer, Jimmy: not being rejected but not being accepted either. Being in a relationship limbo is even worse than being in the friendzone. With friendzone, you know where you’re at – friendship and nothing more. You keep your hopes in check, you know how to act, you know what you are to her.

But being in this limbo – of “being more than friends and less than lovers”, it’s one way or the other.  The thing about this state of un-relationship is that, it does not have a future. It’s just one way or the other. One of you would have to make a decision real soon.


Real picture of James, one of my coaching clients, proposing to his now wife! Good on ya Jimmy!

If you’re in this situation, and she keeps you hanging for far too long, there are two things that you can do: fight or flight. If you think she is worthy of a fight, try some techniques on how to win a girl over first (see my previous guide published at EFX2).

Let’s say you’ve been dating for the longest time but she hasn’t said no to you. Neither has she said yes. What’s a guy to do anyway when the decision always lies in the hands of the lady? The first thing to do is to confront her.

Remember that she cannot keep dodging the subject forever and enjoy the benefits and comforts of being in a relationship without actually making a commitment. So instead of waiting for her to make a move towards it, if you think it’s taken too long, then maybe it’s time you bring the subject up yourself. Don’t be a wimp! You’re a Warlock disciple! Ask her to make up her mind or leave you for that turd of a boyfriend!

There are two ways that she might react from it: to face you or to continuously dodge from it. If she does talk to you about it, listen to what she has to say. There’s probably a reason why she isn’t ready, or why she’s afraid of commitment, or why she is not ready for you.

If it’s a trust issue, you might have to go a step further with earning her trust. If it’s fear of commitment she has, then you would have to make her feel better about being in an actual relationship with you. Sometimes, it just takes the right person to quell all fear out. It is also extra helpful if you know what goes on in her mind.

Bonus Tips From Missy Mack, Our Resident Advisor

“When you confront her, Jimmy, make her understand why you need a decision sooner or later. You can’t both be wasting each other’s time by being together but not really being together. Explain to her that you are actually looking for a real relationship, and not just someone to keep your bed warm – you want someone that will be there when things are far less comfortable and convenient.

And if you cannot be that for each other, then you’re cheating yourselves of the chance to meet the right person meant for it. So, maybe the breakup is a good thing after all.”

Fight or Flight? Here’s the Quick Answer From The Warlock…

If she just could not make a decision, or she cannot give you just enough reason to wait any longer for her to make a final step, then it’s time to see her off and leave her.

Dude, man up!

Save yourself from further heartaches, boy. I hate to break it to you but she’s just not that into you. When you have come to that stage, use this excellent guide to stop the breakup… trust me, you’ll need it.

The Way Of The Gentleman

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To quote my friend Jimmy Patrick Keynes, whoever said that chivalry is dead and being a gentleman is not cool must be surrounded by arrogant douchebags (or are douchebags themselves). No truer words have been said, Jimmy!

So maybe in this day and age men who would take off his jacket to cover a puddle of mud are hard to find. Doesn’t mean they’ve gone extinct. In a society where all you see are men who wear the waistband of their jeans on their knees, walk around baring their abdomens in public, and whose vocabulary is 90% bleep-worthy on TV censorship standards, the well-mannered gentleman is but a precious gem to us women.


Jimmy P. Keynes: one of my dating coaches here at EFX2BLOGS!

So my dear EFX2BLOG readers, don’t listen to your fellow guys who say being a gentleman is being a loser. You can be cool and be a gentleman at the same time!

Here are some tips on how to become a gentleman:

  • Gentlemanliness is manliness at its best. You can be a workout machine with world-class biceps/triceps but with the attitude of a beast. Not cool man. Being a gentleman does not make you effeminate or whatever douchebags these days would like to call the finer of the lot. It makes you better, manlier men because you know how to put yourself out there for others.
  • Being a gentleman is being hygienic. A man’s personal hygiene is a good measure of his fineness. His nails are clean, his nose is clean, he does not smell bad, and he wears clean clothes. No you don’t have to douse yourself in perfume and be a walking fire hazard, but it does help if you smell just as clean as you look.
  • Being a gentleman is looking out for the needs of others, especially women, children and the aged before himself. A gentleman knows when and how he can help. This is the natural way to win a girl over (like what I’ve said earlier). He lets the grumpy old man go before him in the checkout counter because he knows he can stand a bit longer than the rheumatic man. He stops on his tracks to help a kid cross the street, and opens the door for a lady even when she wasn’t his date.
  • A gentleman is a RESPECTFUL driver. He does not cut on your lanes, he stays where he’s supposed to be and he does not disobey traffic rules. And oh, he does not honk angrily like a mad, savage ape. Heck, he does not even honk unless life-or-death necessary! Or if an Uber driver gets in his way! 🙂

And best of all, a gentleman treats his lady as an equal but still opens the door for her not because he thinks she’s incapable but because he thinks the lady deserves to be treated like a queen. Well, at least according to this.

Men, girls know it’s easy being a gentleman when you’re trying to impress us. But what we really see is what kind of man you are to people you’re not trying to get something from. That’s character. That’s true manliness. That’s sexy. Remember you don’t have to fight off multiple enemies to be a gentleman 🙂

Manly Skin Care, Anyone? (Contributed by Sarah Small, MEd)

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Contributed by Sarah Small, MEd. To contact Sarah, use this form, or email her directly at

Fact: skin care products are not makeup. And using a facial wash does not make you less manly. Not even homosexual! And no, you don’t have to go Scott Disick overboard on the moisturizer.

Bigger fact: your girlfriend would not mind you using stuff on your face if it makes your skin clearer and better. Don’t believe me? Ask The Warlock. He’s pretty experienced in this area of seduction… and I’m dead serious!

I actually go out of my way to get the right facial wash for my man because I love him and I don’t think it makes him “gay” as many of you macho men would like to put it.

And yes, there are now facial and skin care products that are made for men. They have long been there you just didn’t notice them.

Here are some essential manly skin care tips (you and your girlfriend are going to thank me for this):

  • Cleansing facial wash – tired of acne? Hate the huge pores and blackheads and whiteheads? That’s just a lot of packed dirt all over your face – seeped in the cells and the pores of your face. These bacteria-infused dirt causes acne especially on oily skin and other skin impurities. Go for a facial wash that has anti-acne capacities and do it in the morning and at night. Go for an exfoliating wash so you don’t feel so weird about grabbing a cotton ball and rubbing it all over your face like we girls do. That should do the trick enough.
  • Moisturizer – this is especially important for men who smoke. Smoking, pollution, stress, excessive exposure to the sun – these can all cause the skin of men to become dry and unhealthy. It does not hurt to apply some manly lotion on your face after shower. No, it does not make your face “soft and supple” like a lady’s. But it does help make your face look younger. If you haven’t used any moisturizer in your life, The Independent made a top 10 list of the best moisturizers for men. Check them out here.
  • Shaving – face experts advise shaving after a warm shower. It will make the facial hair softer and much, much easier to shave. Use gel instead of cream or foam – gel reduces friction that often causes dryer skin, cuts and peeling around the hair area. Also, use a good sharp razor – the blade can make all the difference between good and bad shaving.
  • Sunblock Lotion – this is especially important for men who spend hours under the sun on a regular basis. Not only can this prolonged exposure cause your skin to be dryer and look older; you are actually increasing your risk of developing skin cancer due to the harmful UV rays of the sun. If you cannot survive being seen by friends under a pink little umbrella doing field work, then by all means stock your bathroom with sun block lotion with at least an SPF 50 mark. You can also get moisturizer that is infused with sunblock capacities so you don’t have to spend so much time applying and reapplying something.

Also, avoid facial wash and other facial products that have whitening capacities especially if you have darker skin on your body. You would not want your face to look way lighter than the rest of your body. And when you exfoliate, moisturize and wear sunblock, go from the face all the way to your neck. Your neck is just as exposed as your face and practically has the same type of skin as your face so it needs just as much attention. Follow all these and you’re now ready to be a master seducer! You should now have confidence to go attract any woman you want, especially when you’ve got killer skin and the knowledge from this fabulous “how to attract women” killer guide. 🙂


Some Ideas About Sexual Equality (Read It… It’s Important!)

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Hello my little Chihuahuas!

This me the Warlock again and I’m back! After the blockbuster hit of my last blog post, here I am again, dishing out high quality dating and relationship advice. Enjoy!


I bet she’s thinking… “Stop treating me so special… I’m nothing but an equal!”

This is the day and age when you can’t just order your woman to make you sandwich or to go to bed when you want it. This is the day and age where women are (supposed to) be treated like a man’s equal, not a subordinate – and this, this has got to be the pinnacle of feminism.

As one of my clients Steve Johnson from London (no relation to Boris… you know, the dude who dragged UK out of the EU) once told me…

“Warlock, some men still fail to make their women feel like they share the same roles and the same treatment in the relationship. Some men lord over their women expecting them to bow down to them and wait on them just as her foremothers have come before her in ages past.”

Amen, brother.

You see, the thing is, most men fail to treat their women right not because they are just mean-spirited, evil, and trapped in the patriarchal past. They do it because they are unaware and they don’t know how to.

So, gentlemen of the land, whether your girlfriend is complaining of your overly-manly-world ways or she is simply letting you do as you wish, your relationship will be so much better if you follow these tips.

Also, if you’re a Bahai (like me), then remember that equality in a relationship is a requirement in our religion.

The Warlock Says… SHE IS YOUR EQUAL!

The first thing that you’re going to learn from me today is how to treat her as your equal. Here are five ways to make your woman feel like she’s actually your equal in the relationship (and not feel less manly about it in the process):

Ask about her opinion on things. Whether it’s about which tie to get for the day, or where to eat for dinner, or if you should move in together or not, her opinion should matter to you. And more importantly, you should show that it does! You can’t just live your life according to you; a serious relationship is one that takes your partner as a partner – the essential other half of the relationship without whom the relationship would fail to totally function. For many guys, learning Conversational Seduction to pick women up is not natural, but here’s a great guide on how to talk to a girl on PUADatabase (not affiliated with the Warlock). Getting her opinion should be an Eternal Command in dating and seducing women.

Compromise. No relationship would ever survive without compromise. It’s basically just the fancy word for ‘meeting halfway’ so I totally don’t understand why some people get cranky about the C-word. It’s just simply getting to agree on what works for you both; it may not exactly be the exact same way you wanted it, but it will go for the greater good a.k.a. ‘no fighting’. So yeah, it’s just making her feel and know that you value her opinion on things that concern the two of you.

Don’t limit her to roles that society dictates as exclusive for women or any such thing. Just because you’re the guy does not mean you have to always man up about things; and just because she’s the girl does not mean you will expect them to do the house cleaning or that they should come home early to get food. Oh, and that also includes not making her pay for dates – go Dutch because you’re both capable anyway! Being an equal means being able to do anything in the relationship without fear of stepping on each other’s egos  just because you chose to be diverse about the roles you play in the relationship.

Share your secrets with her. Yes, even the ones that would make you seem weak. Treating her like an equal means not having to worry about looking ‘less manly’ to her because you are and have gone beyond borders of your gender roles. Keeping her as a confidante even in things that you would normally just tell your guy friends about, or the things that would normally make you feel weak will make her feel like you trust her and that you value her reason that she won’t at all judge you for whatever it is.

And let her do the same: let her tell you anything. Let her not be afraid of how you are going to react to her thoughts – even the wildest ones. Let her tell you about things without fear of being judged because ‘she is a woman and she shouldn’t think such thoughts’. Let her know that she can trust you and that you won’t judge her on account of her gender; let her know that she can speak of anything in the relationship because you are equally valuable.

Thoughts? Email me at 🙂

Make Her Happy… That’s Your Job, Bucko!

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So you’ve tried every technique there is to get the woman you want to be yours. After getting her to say “yes” to you, the quest for keeping her happy begins.

Women are not as complicated as you think they are. Men always misunderstand women more because they have pre-wired their judgment on women. They say women are high maintenance, difficult to understand and extremely fickle minded. Well, I can’t say that’s not true. Sometimes they are. 🙂

But more often than not, the simple things in life make them happy. If can’t seem to figure out what makes your woman happy, these simple tips might do the trick.

  1. Cook for her. And yes boys, it’s the thought that counts. Even when you can’t cook, a guy who tries for his girl is very sweet, impressive, and worthy of a reward. Go up the notch by trying to make her favorite meal and presenting it the best way possible. And no, you don’t need a special occasion (like this) to cook for her!
  2. The household chores. I can never fully reiterate how much a simple vacuuming can do to impress your girl. This is especially true if you’re already living together. She’ll appreciate it more if you were not told and did it on your own (and you do it regularly, too).
  3. Surprise date. Whether it’s a simple joyride around the outskirts of town or by the beach, setting up a campfire outside the house over some good ol’ smores or a quick trip to the local bistro will earn a smile on her face. She will love you for not even needing a special occasion to spend some quality time together.
  4. A little serenade. You don’t have to be a Josh Groban or a David Cook to pull this one off. When you cuddle in bed, sing some random sweet song. It would be even sweeter if you sing a song that you guys could relate to. Save an mp3 of her favorite music on your cellphone and sing along! Studies (cough…a Wikipedia article…. cough) have actually determined that there is indeed a correlation between music and emotions. It can make her either blush, laugh (especially if your voice is less than good) or if you’re doing it very impressively, you can even make her cry. Aww.
  5. A random surprise gift. It could be as simple as a flower you picked somewhere, her favorite chocolates or ice cream flavor, or some movie for no reason. It doesn’t even have to be expensive at all. A thoughtful guy always gets more points over a generous guy. For some ideas, see this.
  6. Little love notes. What woman doesn’t love love notes? Girls love sweet little notes. And it’s even sweeter if they find it unexpectedly. Tuck a Post-it with a funny or sweet something inside her wallet, her bag, her car keys, or anything she’d eventually use during the day. You can even put it somewhere unusual – like the shower door! Of course, you can pepper your lines with Fractionation phrases – like the ones you find here.
  7. Clearing your schedule for her. Nothing beats the feeling of a guy clearing off his entire day’s schedule just to be lazy with his ladylove, especially so if the man is a bit busy with work.
  8. Quick, surprise kiss. Okay, you don’t do this with strangers or when she’s not in her happiest mood. The latter part is risky – you might end up irking her. Do it when she’s immersed in something like a book or is cooking. Grab her from behind or cup her face and plant a big fat kissie anywhere on her face.
  9. Breakfast in bed. Bed. Food. You. That’s a really awesome way to wake up.
  10. Cuddling. Girls love cuddles. It’s unusual for a girl to not drop her arms and just totally get lost in an embrace. Cuddle when you can and not just after sex.

Now tell me what’s so difficult about a any of these?

PS: Special thanks to Marvin Li from Somerville College, Oxford for his insights that led to this article. Thanks, Marv!

Good Reads

I’ve been writing this blog for some time now, and am now compiling a “greatest hits” guide of sorts. Good news – I’ve even gotten a book deal with one of the biggest book distributors here – so I’ll be publishing “EFX2 Guide To Seduction” sooner than later. 🙂

Enjoy the read, and talk soon.

Deep In Thought (A Quick Status Update)

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If you’ve been following my blog for a long time now, you may notice how my tricks and tips may differ from your usual seduction techniques, and so a lot of readers have been sending in mixed reactions, of which I appreciate – at least my writing is creating a spark that just gives me more reasons to write and be inspired. So thank you, readers and your different ideologies concerning dating! Your views and opinions are well appreciated – this I can assure you!

So I’ve touched the topics of mind control, music, hypnosis, meditation, and conversational seduction for the past couple of articles. Now, I’m going to reintroduce another seduction technique for you to learn – the October Man Sequence. While I’m still in the process of trying to master it, I figured it’s about time for you to learn it as well, so we can both experience and enjoy its results at the same time.

I’d write more about this different take on seduction on my future posts, so check my blog from time to time if your curiosity has been shaken, just like mine.

Til next time! 🙂


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