On a hiatus

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OK, so I have not been blogging for some time now. I fess up; I have been attending seduction seminars in order to sharpen my rusty dating skills. I’m in love with an older woman (yes, I know) – something I am not that well-equipped to do. So I have been doing my homework.

Expect prolonged hiatus – until I get this nasty cougar in the sack.




Love At The Supermarket… Possible?

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Me busking with my band (“THE WARLOCK”) outside Tesco!

Love, as they say, comes at the most unexpected times you’d have to be ready when it comes – whenever, and wherever that is. Yes, even when you’re innocently doing the groceries in your favorite PJs. So you have to be armed and ready with your flirting and pick up skills even when you’re really just out to buy some Cherry 7-Up’s; you’ll never know who you end up with on the way back anyway.

And just come to think of it, the supermarket is really a great place to meet great women – don’t take my word for it; see this great Marie Claire article. Compared to when you go to bars or attend parties and expect to meet women, the supermarket has very little pretense. Women don’t go to the grocery store to meet men, so they are at their most natural, most unpretentious, and sometimes most relaxed. For one, you can more easily spot who’s married and who’s not, the lights are bright so you can’t really blame it should you make a ‘bad choice’, and women know that just as they are not expecting to meet men on here, the men do the same. They know that men would not be out in the supermarket to pick up women so they won’t at all worry about men putting up a front if only to impress as many women as possible.

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Can you see me?

Pop quiz time: can you find where I am in this picture?

So, how do you successfully flirt at the supermarket and maybe – just maybe, score a mini-date at the burger truck outside and/or get her number with your takeout? I’ve got just the right stuff for you besides of this rather fabulous guide to meeting women from SonicSeduction.net; here are some tips on how to flirt [effectively] at your local supermarket:

  • Take your time to observe. So you spot her looking at the first aisle, you check out what she’s wearing, you check the fingers for any sign of a wedding band or an engagement ring (or at least the tan lines indicating that there was one on the middle and the ring fingers), you check out what she’s checking out. Do a profile check before making a move.
  • Ease up, comfortably and naturally, on the same aisle as her. Don’t just jump into her with a random conversation like you’ve been expecting to talk to her. Look at all the other things on the same aisle and simply start up a small conversation.
  • This is the supermarket, not the bar – keep the conversation light and friendly. This is where subtle flirting works best (heck, it should be the only kind that works in this situation). Don’t be the creepy guy who randomly flirts with girls in the supermarket – keep your flirting to a general patronage rating.
  • When you’ve engaged her successfully in a conversation, don’t forget to pick up stuff off the shelves. Remember boy, you’re here to fill up your pantry, not to meet ladies. Keep things un-creepy and natural by doing your groceries still.
  • Need help with something to extend conversation time. Be that poor confused guy who can’t tell which type of cheese goes best with lasagna, the guy who wants to cook up some freshly baked lasagna for mommy but can’t quite figure out the right cheese for it. Women will know! And if you’ve done well on the previous step, she’d be more than willing to help you. (Aside from Mommy excuses, pet stories also sell quite easily to the ladies).
  • Make your punchline at the counter. Of course, it can’t get any more perfect than this.

Good luck on your next trip to the supermarket… and of course, don’t go without first reading my awesome guide to supermarket seduction – click here!

Grandma, Watch Out For The Lawnmover!

Yes, as surprising as it may seem, there still are conservative women (GRANDMAS!) around in this day and age. They walk amongst the liberated. More than just the stereotype of conservative women – those who wear cold-weather outfits all-year round and avoid men at all costs; they are more than just the women who frown at other women who show too much skin. The conservative women of today are the ones who believe that there’s more to relationships than physical intimacy, women who believe that sex is actually worth stalling, they believe in a lot of things that would make your dear ol’ Grandma proud.

Thanks Mich!

Thanks Mich!

If you’re after one of these uber conservative women… then fret not, my brother, for the WARLOCK has got your back! 🙂

While for most of us it is as virtuous as it is admirable, to men, it may only come off as difficult. You cannot just trust that your sexy smile and your intimate pickup lines and smooth, suave moves are going to work against the walls of these women.

Extra credit: our resident expert Michelle Law (pictured on the right) has contributed to this article. Thanks, Mich… I hope you are enjoying your retirement now in Richmond, Virginia! Love you!

Conservative = Difficult? Nah…

Approaching a conservative woman.

She may be demure, but that doesn’t mean she’s conservative!

According to Lady Mich, if you’ve been smitten by this type of lady and your usual player guy moves are not working, heck, she’s not even impressed by you, these tips might actually help:

Listen to what she has to say. How she converses and what she like talking about is a great way of understanding what she believes in and why she believes in them. Ask her about it. Listening to her is not just about impressing her and making it seem like you’re a truly sensitive man. You listen to her because you’re genuinely interested in what has made her become the conservative woman that she is (i.e. don’t engage in small talk). For more expert guidance on this, this handy “how to” guide on how to build conversational rapport with a girl courtesy of the not-for-profit Sonic Seduction technique repository (I highly recommend this).

Compliment her for things other than her physical appearance. It may be impossible to stop yourself from complimenting on how stunning she looks in her dress, or how mesmerizing her eyes are, or just how sexy her lips are. But stopping yourself and focusing instead on her non-physical attributes will tell her that you are not just interested in getting laid but in her personality.

Always put your most chivalrous foot forward. These women are a little bit more traditional about dating than usual, and so do their ideals on how men should treat them during dates. Be on time, open doors for them, assist them without them asking, and always be wary of the language that you use around them. It’s not that they are close-minded; they are just very particular with what they want to see in men.

Impress them with your personality. I regret to inform you that your six-pack abs would be more than useless when it comes to dating these women. Sure it could merit some nods of appreciation, but don’t expect anything more. What these women are looking for are men who have great personalities, for men who have substance. They will not be swayed by your good looks.

Never talk nor even hint about sex. They definitely won’t appreciate it. All your efforts in the beginning would definitely go to waste the moment you bring up the s-word so forget about it completely.

Wise (last) words from Lady Mich: She may be cut differently from most women, heck she may even be dressed differently from them; but trust me, she’ll prove to you her worth that goes beyond what she can prove in bed.

My own take: whether a woman is conservative or liberal… they all are motivated by the same needs and react to the same stimulation. Truth!


The Warlock Method

I‘m going to share with you what we call the Warlock Method of seduction. But first, let’s revisit some fundamental questions about dating and seducing women first.

  • What does the woman you’re currently dating think about you?
  • Does she think you’re the kind she’d mess around with, go out with, and just flirt with?
  • Or does she see you as the serious, long-term boyfriend kind of guy?
  • Do you appear to her as the guy that she takes home to meet her parents and siblings, the kind that she describes to her girlfriends as the ‘might be the one’ guy or are you the ‘just another one of them’?

See, her perception of you will make or break whatever you currently have and whatever you plan to have with her.

Here’s what I learned as a dating guide for the past five years or so:- no matter how sincere you are, if your actions and words only seem to her as empty flirtations, don’t expect for her to want anything long term with you. That can only mean she couldn’t quite see your intentions towards her, and you might have to change your ways to get your real message and intention across.

Not sure what she really thinks about you? Here’s a heads up; she thinks you’re a keeper if:

  • She speaks to you about her family. One of the most common and obvious signs that a girl thinks you’re for keeps is if she trusts you with some of her most intimate stories (if she’s a secret hippie girl!), and family stories happen to be among them. Whether she tells you about her family secrets, family problems, or just plainly tell you everything about her family, you have successfully earned her trust.
  • She talks to you about her dreams. Like the family, her dreams are so personal and so intimate that you have to have earned a certain degree of her trust for her to share this with you. And if she does, she is actually seeing a guy who is for the long term, someone who can watch her chase after her dreams and be there for her when she finally does get it. Also, be aware that if she’s the conservative type (use this guide to help you) and yet if she talks openly with you about her aspirations, then she thinks you’re a keeper!
  • She goes out of her way to make you happy. A woman is one who does not only know how to appreciate effort, but also knows where and when to give effort. You must be totally worth her time for her to go out of her way to do something for you that makes you happy even when it is totally not something she’s used to doing.
  • She acts the same way she does when she’s with her friends whenever you’re together. A person’s true character is best measured when she’s around her family and when she’s around her friends. A lot of women get uncomfortable and awkward about being themselves in front of men; but if she acts all her weird and crazy self like she normally does with her friends even when she’s around you, she thinks you’re good enough to accept her in her true colors.
  • She makes long term plans with you. It takes a certain level of commitment for a person to see herself spending time with you in the future. It’s a good indication that she thinks you’re going to stay and that she would want to stay with you for a much longer time.

So, does she think you’re a keeper? Interestingly, 95% of my clients seem to think that they are. If you’d like to be my client, contact me for a 50% discount for your first face-to-face dating coaching session with me.


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OK, so if you’re new to EFX2blog.com and my work, then here’s a Quick Start Guide which you can use. This short article also outlines my overall philosophy as far as dating and seducing women is concerned. 🙂

Of course, if you’d like more customized service and coaching, you’re welcome to contact me. However, I’d recommend that you read this guide first to gauge my style of seduction, and if you’re comfortable with what I teach.

You’ll see that I like using lots of Mind Control techniques based on eminent psychologists and scientists like John Grinder, Derek Rake, Igor Schalwzki and Carl Jung. As such, I am not a big fan of Pickup Artists in general, especially the kinds which advocate the use of pickup lines and “peacocking” to seduce women.

First, I’d like to talk about giving presents to women. When you’re dating, you’ll soon face the situation where you’ll need to buy gifts for the woman you’re dating. So, we’ll tackle this issue first, OK?

While it is no longer the norm these days, giving something to the girl on a first date is a classic move that will never go unappreciated. It does not even require anything grand or exquisite; as any lady would say – it is the thought that counts. The act gives the ladies the impression of you being a thoughtful, generous man who wants to let the ladies know that you’ve been thinking about her and about the things that could and might make her happy.

Of course, even if you’re bearing gifts, you don’t want to be a loudmouth – read this guide first.

But as with anything, there is a risk of committing a social faux pas – something that could risk the success of your first date, and every other date with that woman that you hoped would come after the first. You’re not dating your ex – this is a totally new person. In this case, there are things that are a huge no-no to give to a girl on a first date.

Avoid These… Unless You Wanna Look Like A Chump! 🙂

Bad impression tops the list, but apart from that, these things are the worst gifts one could ever, ever think of.  Here are the top five in the list that I give to my dating clients:-


Things you should never give… money and lingerie! Haha!

  1. Lingerie. Save this gift for your anniversary or at the very least for next Valentines’ Day. This isn’t something you give to someone you’ve just met and are rearing to get to know. Sure it’s the “thought” that counts, but what sort of thoughts have you been having about her anyway? It would not surprise me if she walks away from you the moment she sees your gift… stop coming across as a horny bastard.
  2. Expensive jewelry. Unless you want her to think that you’re bribing her into going out with you, or you’re feeding the gold digger in her, expensive jewelry is not something you should give a woman on a first date. This is something husbands give their wives on their wedding anniversaries, not something you give to someone who’s practically a stranger! (And besides, you have to be really, really, really rich to be able to pull this off).
  3. Cooking utensils. Even wives won’t accept an oven or a new induction cooker from their husbands as anniversary gifts. Why would you give her a kitchen item anyway? One, it’s not romantic. Second, it is kind of creepy to make her think that you’re already imagining sharing a kitchen with her. Way to ward off a potential romance mister!

    Things you should NOT give on your first date… cooking utensils!

  4. A pet or a real live plant. A pet means that you are giving her a real, alive reminder of you. If your date goes awry, she’d be stuck with such an indispensable reminder of how your date went or she’d have to find a way to get rid of the pet. And a real plant is something that teenage nerdy lovers give each other, not something that regular adult males give to their dates especially right before leaving for some fancy restaurant. (Ignore if you’re both green thumb who met at the last organic gardening seminar).
  5. Home-cooked food. Please don’t show up to her bearing your mom’s specialty dish. You are not attending her housewarming party and you’re certainly not welcoming her into the neighborhood. Save this for when she’s already invited you to dinner at her house… or when she’s ready, invite her to your place for dinner and desserts 🙂

Some things are just better saved for later. And these are some of them; for a first date, they are absolutely no-no grounds.

After gifting your date with the best present she can ever get in this lifetime, remember that you want to REPEL her as much as you can. To do this, I recommend that you make her go crazy over you – use this amazing guide from our mates at angelsgate. However, note that this “Operation Mind Screw” is not suitable for everybody… unless she is really comfortable with you. Otherwise, don’t risk it! Or, you can always use our in-house Warlock Method.

Finally – if you’d like me to coach you on the finer details of dating, attracting and seducing women, contact me and claim your 50% discount for the first session. I also do Skype calls on a limited basis.

Now go get ’em, Tiger! Meow!

So long!

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Greetings to all the readers and my fellow bloggers!

I know you’re all wondering why it’s been a long time since my last blog post, and I really apologize for that. Me and the whole family had a vacation in some part of Asia, we’ve been a part of a policy made by my wife “No text messages, No phone calls, no emails”. I just checked my email a few hours ago, and I had received a lot of concerns and questions from all of you guys. I promise to get back as soon as possible. And I am planning to publish a new post… probably within this week. I’ll keep in touch, and I hope you’ll too. Take care everyone!

John “The Warlock” Byrnes

Bastard Competitor Spotted Ahead!

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OK, let’s preface everything with a famous meme –

Is this scumbag stealing your girl? Then come running to the Warlock!

Is this scumbag stealing your girl? Then come running to the Warlock!

So you’re on a date with this awesome woman and you were having such a grand time when you have to go get a drink or to the men’s room. You were already rehearsing in your head how to ask her out for a second date when you were stopped in your tracks on your way back to her: some guy is flirting with her.

What do you do then, smartie pants?

In a situation like this, it is pretty easy to let your testosterone do the talking and brawn out. Of course that would be the easy way to get rid of the flirting guy. But it’s also the easiest way to lose your date. Oh and maybe get arrested for causing disturbance or at the very least, be thrown out of the restaurant/bar forever.

So, in this situation, what does a savvy, classy, handsome gentleman do in this situation? Here are some gentlemanly, win-worthy tips that will not only get rid of the flirt but will win you the lady…

To quote our resident EFX2BLOGS SEMINAR expert, Johnny “Sentinel” Cash (not to be confused with the dead Country rock star!):

Keep yourself calm and composed. Instinctively, some guys feel the urge to get mad and lose their entire mood over this situation. They end up being grumpy douches and ruins the entire evening for himself and for his date. Result: the flirt may not have won it but neither have you – because any girl would be turned off by the sudden and obvious change in mood. Don’t let your savage brutish self get in the way of your great evening.

Then, ignore the flirter if he is flirting from afar. That’s what we girls do and it works. You don’t lose face, and you definitely don’t get in any trouble. Oh, and while at it, go ahead and get your date’s attention back. Sure the flirter must have taken your spot for a fraction of a minute there or so, but it’s time to take the throne back.

Johnny Cash leading our annual EFX2BLOGS seminar

Johnny Cash leading our annual EFX2BLOGS seminar

Next, impress your date and keep the flirter envious. If the date has been going on really well, and you’ve made a great impression on your date, keep going at it and impress her even further. If you have learned the covert seduction technique (fractionation), now is the best time to use it. On top of keeping her attention on you for the rest of your date, you’ll surely get your message across to the flirter: this is your date and it’s going to stay that way. That’s one good way of getting the testosterone levels pumped up in a competitive but safe and peaceful stance.

In everything else fails, take your date somewhere else. Take her out for coffee, more cocktails, or to some make-believe favorite cake shop or bakery elsewhere. There, you can continue talking to her where you left off (see this guide). This is not backing down. This is being territorial without being a total hippo. Hate the flirter? Then leave him alone without him getting any chance at your date!

Preach, Johnny, preach!

While in this situation, it would be very helpful if you check on your date’s demeanor while someone else was flirting with her. Do not get played on by a girl— if you saw that she was flirting back, you can either change the way you treat her to get all her attention, or forget about a second date where she’d likely flirt with someone else around you.

Of course, if you need help, I’m always ready – in fact, the summer’s coming, and I will be having a sale soon. Mention EFX2ROCKS and get 50% off your first consult with me! Contact me here. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out The Warlock Method. You’ll be thankful that you did! 🙂

(Coaching Question) Dating Your Ex-Girlfriend – Yay Or Nay?

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Should you really date your ex-girlfriend?

Question from a long-time reader of EFX2BLOGS.COM – Patrick “China” Grover –

“A lot of people say that love is sweeter and definitely lovelier the second time around. After all, by then we would have learned the lessons of the past relationship and become wiser, better people and better lovers. But is it really a great idea to actually try to rekindle an old flame?  Is a recurring feeling towards your ex-girlfriend a good enough reason to forget about why you broke up in the first place? Should I go back to her?”

OK, Patrick, here are some pros and cons of dating an ex, and see if your pro’s can outweigh the odds:


  • You won’t live in what ifs. If you have an unfinished business, if you still have feelings for your ex, and if you think these feelings are worth a second chance, by all means don’t deprive yourself of the chance to try these feelings out and make it work again. According to our blueprint of seduction, one should always work hard to get what he or she wants, especially in terms of seducing. Who knows, the time you’ve spent apart were enough a time to realize that you’ve left a big gap in each other’s hearts and only you could fill those gaps. Instead of just wondering about what would have happened, go ahead and give it a try. Whether it works or it does not, you’d know better because you’ve actually given it a try. At least, it’s worth the trouble according to one certain Mr Duncan.
  • Going out with a former lover will leave out the awkwardness and the getting to know part. Unless you’ve separated for a very long time, getting back with your ex will save you the awkwardness of getting to know someone new. You would only be reliving some old memories together, talking about familiar things and familiar people because you already know each other. And depending on how your last meeting went, your date would likely be less awkward than or not awkward at all – definitely something you won’t find in a new girl kind of date… especially if you’re into Grandmas! Hint, hint!
  • You have something to talk about. Sure it may include some old memories but if you play your cards right, your old memories and old issues might just be the thing that would bridge you both. Unlike in a new fling where you have to discover new feelings, dating your ex-girlfriend would likely bring some old, more innocent feelings back which is always makes for a great recipe for an even better love story.


  • Old flame, old issues. You guys broke up for a reason – and this reason might be good (or bad) enough to tear up some new relationship you’re trying to build. Love may be sweeter, but if it goes bad and she has kept you hanging in the relationship, it may become so much more bitter, the second time around too.
  • One of you might be after some sweet revenge. This is the biggest risk in trying to get back with an ex. She may be dating you again to get back at you over the last relationship, or you to her. And maybe even not but thoughts and suspicions of this possibility might haunt either of you for the rest of the time you’re dating.
  • You may have changed drastically over the time you spent apart and you may just have lost everything that has made you a compatible pair. People change – and she might have changed enough to lose the person that you once fell for. It may not work at all.

Conclusion: just follow your heart, buddy! Of course, don’t forget to follow the Warlock Method to the dot and you’ll do fine.

Wise words from The Warlock!

Temptations… Temptations…

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There will always be someone prettier, sexier and much, much hotter than your girlfriend. It’s a fact of the physical world. The only thing worse than finding yourself attracted with some girl is when the girl you find hotter than your own ladylove is if your girlfriend’s own sister.

That’s not a rare occurrence. If anything, about 25% of all my clients have this problem… they eventually discover that the sisters of their girlfriends are much hotter! In fact, 10% of them would even fall in love with the woman’s mother.

No freaking joke!


Quoting our fellow dating coach here at EFX2BLOGS Marissa Musk, “It’s like a big bad movie joke played on someone like Vince Vaughn.”

But should you find yourself in this weird Hollywood-esque situation, here are some tips to get away from your girlfriend’s hot sister without getting in trouble with either your girlfriend or her sister:

Find her flaws.

I know a lot of girls who find this technique very useful for when we feel insecure over other girls. Sure, she is an adventurous girl who can do anything and be really an attractive tomboy, but surely there must be something that you can do better! So this may work out just fine with you and your unusual and unacceptable attraction to your unofficial sister-in-law. Maybe she has dirty toes. Or smelly feet and underarms. Or maybe she has scabies. She may also be bad with money. It would be even better and more effective if you find the flaws that make her inferior to your girlfriend. (P.S. voicing out your thoughts to your girlfriend on this matter may not exactly be a great idea; she’ll hate you for it!)

Appreciate your girlfriend more.

While you are busy ‘depreciating’ (for lack of better terms) your girlfriend’s hot sister, you can do a better job at appreciating your girlfriend more. Don’t keep it to yourself! Tell your girlfriend how awesome she is (see this for some awesome tips), tell your friends about it, and remind yourself about it every time her hot sister enters the room wearing nothing but nipple tapes. You are in love with your girlfriend for a reason (and if you have not found out what that reason is, follow this advice) and not a deceivingly hot sister could probably never, EVER, match.

Don’t tell your friends about her in a lustful way.

‘Wait ‘til you hear this dude. Ashley – my girlfriend’s sister – is one f****** hot tamales. You should see the curves on her. She’s deliiiiish!’ doesn’t this make you cringe? Really? You have that much ‘desire’ for your girlfriend’s own sister? And you tell your friends about it? Ah, that’s got to be the worst thing you could do to your girlfriend, your relationship, and yourself. Sure you can say she is attractive, but don’t go beyond that. Don’t even allow your friends to talk about her in an equally lustful way. Respect and protect her the way you would her sister – your girlfriend – because they are sisters and because they are women.

Think of her as your own sister.

This is perhaps the most challenging but the most effective way to make yourself forget about your girlfriend’s sister’s attractiveness. Because that’s what she basically is.  Your love for your girlfriend dictates that you love her family – including that gorgeous sister of hers. Heck, she might even turn out to be a player for all you know.

Lastly, stop describing her as ‘hot’.

She is beautiful, she is attractive, she is pretty –use every other adjective similar to it but do not use ‘hot’. It will make it seem like you have other worldly intents and desires for your girlfriend’s own sister. Practice self-restraint… and follow this advice by Mahatma Gandhi.

Take heed, my brothers.

PS: I miss you, Marissa. 🙁

Dating Adventurous Women: Not As Easy As It May Seem! (By Ernest Krugman)

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Today’s guide is contributed by our good friend and fellow dating coach Ernest P. Krugman. To contact Ernest, contact me (use this form) or email ernestpkrugman@efx2blogs.com, thank you!

The ladies of today are far from the corset-bearing, fan-covering, veil-wearing women of the middle ages. And they have evolved from the Rosie the Riveters of the war era. The young women of today are more fearless and generally more adventurous. John has previously written about dating hippie girls which you can read here. And now, let’s talk about adventurous ones. We have become adventurous not only the jobs we do, the sports we participate in, and even in the hobbies that we do.


This being adventurous can only be seen by men two ways: an advantage and a challenge.

See, for some men, dating an adventurous girl makes it so much easier for them to take these girls out on dates. These girls like the outdoors or they like doing daredevil-ish stunts, or they plainly like doing anything that makes every testosterone-bearing man feel emasculated but still manage to look like they were wearing puffy dresses and stilettos while at it.

And for the equally adventurous man, this can only be good and towards their advantage since they would only make dating easier and, well, yes, adventurous.

Ernest, George and John at our annual dating guru mastermind meeting in Las Vegas

Ernest, George and John at our annual dating guru mastermind meeting in Las Vegas

But for the sedentary men, the men who could not leave the indoors and who could hardly make a shift off of their office seats to explore the wilder side of the world, this is a bit of a challenge. No, actually, a really big challenge.

If you’re one of these men who are challenged by adventurous girls, here are some tips and dating ideas for dating these adventurous wild-sided women (not to mention hippies!).

First, be open-minded. These unadventurous men are either too narrow-minded to accept that some women can be extra-adventurous than usual or they are too boring to try something new.

They either box these women to the stereotype of being less than decent and gave them less respect that they deserve or actually not join them in their adventures. And then there goes the potential girlfriend.

Poof! 🙂

Tell her to take it a little slow. You don’t really and exactly have to throw yourself off a bridge in a bungee jumping attempt just to show off and then suffer the consequences of your long term fear of heights.

You don’t have to be so much out of your comfort zone to try something for the sake of impressing her. Or at least you don’t have to do it abruptly.

You can keep her interested while you’re learning to enjoy the things that she does enjoy so give yourself some time to try things out.

Put an adventurous twist to your usual dates – to have you both enjoy each a piece of your thing.

So you’re into quiet, wine dates. She’s into exploring the outdoors. Why don’t you go on a picnic in the woods, on a starry night, with a basket full of wine and fruits or wine and chocolates. Then, you can have a deep conversation with her, and on topics like how she wants her eggs in the morning.

A little creativity and a little adventure will go a really long way, and the right girl will appreciate you venturing out into your unfamiliar and your uncomfortable turf to make her happy. Here are some unusual date ideas for you and your date – click here for this fantabulous guide from my friend “Wellness Mama”.

Remember, women are all about effort, effort, effort.

Take the challenge of dating an adventurous girl. I highly recommend it! And if you’d like a guide on how to meet women (particularly the adventurous kind), read this, and this – you’ll love them, guaranteed. 🙂

Just a sidenote: my ex-girlfriend Daryn used to be a champion skater! And I must say… she’s one hot kitten! She was the best thing that had ever happened to me… hands down! Can’t believe why she dumped me!

Shameless plug from John: check out the Warlock Method.

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