Make Her Happy… That’s Your Job, Bucko!

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So you’ve tried every technique there is to get the woman you want to be yours. After getting her to say “yes” to you, the quest for keeping her happy begins.

Women are not as complicated as you think they are. Men always misunderstand women more because they have pre-wired their judgment on women. They say women are high maintenance, difficult to understand and extremely fickle minded. Well, I can’t say that’s not true. Sometimes they are. 🙂

But more often than not, the simple things in life make them happy. If can’t seem to figure out what makes your woman happy, these simple tips might do the trick.

  1. Cook for her. And yes boys, it’s the thought that counts. Even when you can’t cook, a guy who tries for his girl is very sweet, impressive, and worthy of a reward. Go up the notch by trying to make her favorite meal and presenting it the best way possible. And no, you don’t need a special occasion (like this) to cook for her!
  2. The household chores. I can never fully reiterate how much a simple vacuuming can do to impress your girl. This is especially true if you’re already living together. She’ll appreciate it more if you were not told and did it on your own (and you do it regularly, too).
  3. Surprise date. Whether it’s a simple joyride around the outskirts of town or by the beach, setting up a campfire outside the house over some good ol’ smores or a quick trip to the local bistro will earn a smile on her face. She will love you for not even needing a special occasion to spend some quality time together.
  4. A little serenade. You don’t have to be a Josh Groban or a David Cook to pull this one off. When you cuddle in bed, sing some random sweet song. It would be even sweeter if you sing a song that you guys could relate to. Save an mp3 of her favorite music on your cellphone and sing along! Studies (cough…a Wikipedia article…. cough) have actually determined that there is indeed a correlation between music and emotions. It can make her either blush, laugh (especially if your voice is less than good) or if you’re doing it very impressively, you can even make her cry. Aww.
  5. A random surprise gift. It could be as simple as a flower you picked somewhere, her favorite chocolates or ice cream flavor, or some movie for no reason. It doesn’t even have to be expensive at all. A thoughtful guy always gets more points over a generous guy. For some ideas, see this.
  6. Little love notes. What woman doesn’t love love notes? Girls love sweet little notes. And it’s even sweeter if they find it unexpectedly. Tuck a Post-it with a funny or sweet something inside her wallet, her bag, her car keys, or anything she’d eventually use during the day. You can even put it somewhere unusual – like the shower door! Of course, you can pepper your lines with Fractionation phrases – like the ones you find here.
  7. Clearing your schedule for her. Nothing beats the feeling of a guy clearing off his entire day’s schedule just to be lazy with his ladylove, especially so if the man is a bit busy with work.
  8. Quick, surprise kiss. Okay, you don’t do this with strangers or when she’s not in her happiest mood. The latter part is risky – you might end up irking her. Do it when she’s immersed in something like a book or is cooking. Grab her from behind or cup her face and plant a big fat kissie anywhere on her face.
  9. Breakfast in bed. Bed. Food. You. That’s a really awesome way to wake up.
  10. Cuddling. Girls love cuddles. It’s unusual for a girl to not drop her arms and just totally get lost in an embrace. Cuddle when you can and not just after sex.

Now tell me what’s so difficult about a any of these?

PS: Special thanks to Marvin Li from Somerville College, Oxford for his insights that led to this article. Thanks, Marv!

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