When You Meet A Female Player…

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We can’t all be that lucky all our lives; at least not all the time anyway. Some time, somewhere in our history, we get played (not to be confused with being kept hanging) on by some nasty player. Someone uses our vulnerability for their own selfish intents. That kinda sucks… I know.

Sure it’s unfair – but life is! And when this happens, what’s a classy gentleman to do? You’re an EFX2BLOGS reader… which means that you should know better! 🙂

I’ve polled my best dating guru mates and here’s what they think when one meets a female player…

Bob “Sarge” McDonalds (author of “The Smart Man’s Guide To Female Players”):

“Vengeance is never in your hands. The playing field is never even between a player and a non-player. And even if you call yourself a “self-confessed” player, you have proven yourself inadequate in that field by getting played on. So you can’t really get back at her in that premise. One, you’re likely to lose and two, doing it will not correct anything. At all. Sure it would take your ‘ego’ back but will it erase the fact that you’ve been played on? You got that one right: NO.”

Our yearly seminar with participation from all the gurus featured in this article

Our yearly seminar with participation from all the gurus featured in this article

George Mansfield:

“Do not avenge at someone else’s cost. A lot of guys have made the mistake of hurting someone else to avenge the bloody blow to their egos. For some reason, it somehow makes them feel better that they’ve done exactly what they’ve experienced. This is morally wrong. This is the epitome of ‘ungentlemanly’. Wait ‘til your conscience eats you up alive to understand what I’m talking about.”

Tamashi Onagoya (Japan’s leading pickup artist):

“Do not lose your pride over her when you know that you’ve been played. So she’s already told you – in the face – that she has been playing with you. Don’t go around stalking her, hoping that somewhere along the way she’d find herself liking you for real. Save your face boy. You’ve been played on – and the first step to moving on is acceptance. A gentleman knows where he is wanted and where he isn’t. And surely, the girl who was playing games on you definitely does not want you. If that’s the case, then go on a pickup spree – use this guide from the good folks at angelsgate.com to know how to pick up a girl you like.”

Timothy Alexander (owner of the “Men’s Lane Agency”):

“Fight evil with kindness. One of the worst parts about getting played on, apart from actually getting played on, is when you get played on and she tells the whole freaking planet about it. But play it cool, like a true classy gentleman. If she says bad things about you, and people ask you about it, say nice things about her. Without any hint of sarcasm, tell them how good she was as a person. This may be hard, but in the end, everyone who knew about what she did to you will admire you for still being a gentleman in spite of.”

Stephy “Mystery” Blundell:

“Be happy with a new girl. No, I’m not suggesting getting a rebound. What I’m suggesting, however, is go out there and socialize and look HAPPY. Your ego may be killing you deep inside but if you put on the cool, unaffected, happy face in front of everyone you know – plus you say nice things about her – you’ll earn people’s respect. Oh, right about the same time she loses them.”

John “Warlock” Brynes (that’s me!):

“Use the incident to your advantage. A gentleman may be nice most of the time, but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how to use an opportunity when one comes knocking on his door. Don’t hesitate to tell the story of how you’ve been conned by a girl you truly cared about – share it with some girl you’ve been trying to pick up at the bar or at a party. Tell her exactly how gentlemanly your ways are in handling that situation. Now that’s classy! And don’t forget to use the Warlock Method!”


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