Grandma, Watch Out For The Lawnmover!

Yes, as surprising as it may seem, there still are conservative women (GRANDMAS!) around in this day and age. They walk amongst the liberated. More than just the stereotype of conservative women – those who wear cold-weather outfits all-year round and avoid men at all costs; they are more than just the women who frown at other women who show too much skin. The conservative women of today are the ones who believe that there’s more to relationships than physical intimacy, women who believe that sex is actually worth stalling, they believe in a lot of things that would make your dear ol’ Grandma proud.

Thanks Mich!

Thanks Mich!

If you’re after one of these uber conservative women… then fret not, my brother, for the WARLOCK has got your back! 🙂

While for most of us it is as virtuous as it is admirable, to men, it may only come off as difficult. You cannot just trust that your sexy smile and your intimate pickup lines and smooth, suave moves are going to work against the walls of these women.

Extra credit: our resident expert Michelle Law (pictured on the right) has contributed to this article. Thanks, Mich… I hope you are enjoying your retirement now in Richmond, Virginia! Love you!

Conservative = Difficult? Nah…

Approaching a conservative woman.

She may be demure, but that doesn’t mean she’s conservative!

According to Lady Mich, if you’ve been smitten by this type of lady and your usual player guy moves are not working, heck, she’s not even impressed by you, these tips might actually help:

Listen to what she has to say. How she converses and what she like talking about is a great way of understanding what she believes in and why she believes in them. Ask her about it. Listening to her is not just about impressing her and making it seem like you’re a truly sensitive man. You listen to her because you’re genuinely interested in what has made her become the conservative woman that she is (i.e. don’t engage in small talk). For more expert guidance on this, this handy “how to” guide on how to build conversational rapport with a girl courtesy of the not-for-profit Sonic Seduction technique repository (I highly recommend this).

Compliment her for things other than her physical appearance. It may be impossible to stop yourself from complimenting on how stunning she looks in her dress, or how mesmerizing her eyes are, or just how sexy her lips are. But stopping yourself and focusing instead on her non-physical attributes will tell her that you are not just interested in getting laid but in her personality.

Always put your most chivalrous foot forward. These women are a little bit more traditional about dating than usual, and so do their ideals on how men should treat them during dates. Be on time, open doors for them, assist them without them asking, and always be wary of the language that you use around them. It’s not that they are close-minded; they are just very particular with what they want to see in men.

Impress them with your personality. I regret to inform you that your six-pack abs would be more than useless when it comes to dating these women. Sure it could merit some nods of appreciation, but don’t expect anything more. What these women are looking for are men who have great personalities, for men who have substance. They will not be swayed by your good looks.

Never talk nor even hint about sex. They definitely won’t appreciate it. All your efforts in the beginning would definitely go to waste the moment you bring up the s-word so forget about it completely.

Wise (last) words from Lady Mich: She may be cut differently from most women, heck she may even be dressed differently from them; but trust me, she’ll prove to you her worth that goes beyond what she can prove in bed.

My own take: whether a woman is conservative or liberal… they all are motivated by the same needs and react to the same stimulation. Truth!


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