For Guys! Chatterboxery For Seduction!

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I have received some hate mail regarding my previous blog post on female submission techniques. Well, as they say, haters gonna hate…

I am going to continue anyhow with my own brand of dating advice, and today I am going to talk about the topic of “conversational seduction“.

Dating is a special form of communication between two persons who are attracted to each other. However, even two mutually attracted persons can be easily distracted by a discussion of a single off the beam topic. Hence, it would be safe for a guy to be aware of appropriate topics to discuss with a girl during a date.

  • Topic No. 1: Likes and Dislikes

A good way to know a girl better is to know what she likes and what she dislikes. You can suggest a Q and A game or simply open up the topic of likes and dislikes, however you want to strategize it. Q and A games can be fun and safe for both parties. You can both choose to answer or not to answer the questions that a partner asks. Hence, each other’s privacy can be well protected and issues that can raise a problem can be avoided. But even if it’s just a game, you must also take note of what she reveals. You’ll be more than satisfied to use them for your future strategies. I have also talked about this previously here.

  • Topic No. 2: Favorites

Sharing each other’s favorites can be a lot more fun especially when you learn that you both have common favorites. Ask for her favorite movies, favorite places she’s been to or places where she wants to go, favorite food, favorite drinks, and many other favorites. There are no dull moments when it comes to asking about favorites. Besides, it can be another way to gather information about her which you may want to keep for future use.

  • Topic No. 3: Childhood

Getting to know her childhood can be a useful way to understand her at the present and possibly predict her future actions and dispositions in life. Of course, not a fortune-teller way of predicting but a way to predict her reactions and perspectives about some things such as dating, sex, marriage, etc. It can also be a useful way to see the child in her so you will know how to better take care of her. You may want to ask her how she was when she was a child. Did she also play under the rain or build sand houses on the beach? What stories or urban legends did her grandparents tell her? Did she ever climb a sycamore tree or run like hell with other kids in the neighborhood? You can really laugh at each other’s childhood and be able to know her so well already. By knowing each other’s past as a child, who knows you might fall even deeper in love with each other.

  • Topic No. 4: Fortune Telling

Women like mystical stuff. Learn some fortune telling (a good resource here) and she will be eating out of your hands in no time. Also, if she likes yoga and meditation, then introduce her to meditation music and start enjoying moments together.

All of these topics are good means to get closer to each other and strengthen your relationship. Get to know her really well and remember her revelations. You can always go over them again especially when you will be running out of topics. You can also use them to guide you with future episodes of dating. For example, you may take her to her favorite place, watch her favorite movie with her or go back to her childhood. Opening up these topics during a date will surely turn her on and capture her heart for life. Learning how to find a girlfriend is just the first step – and you must know how to impress her to make her love you for life.

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