Some Ideas About Sexual Equality (Read It… It’s Important!)

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Hello my little Chihuahuas!

This me the Warlock again and I’m back! After the blockbuster hit of my last blog post, here I am again, dishing out high quality dating and relationship advice. Enjoy!


I bet she’s thinking… “Stop treating me so special… I’m nothing but an equal!”

This is the day and age when you can’t just order your woman to make you sandwich or to go to bed when you want it. This is the day and age where women are (supposed to) be treated like a man’s equal, not a subordinate – and this, this has got to be the pinnacle of feminism.

As one of my clients Steve Johnson from London (no relation to Boris… you know, the dude who dragged UK out of the EU) once told me…

“Warlock, some men still fail to make their women feel like they share the same roles and the same treatment in the relationship. Some men lord over their women expecting them to bow down to them and wait on them just as her foremothers have come before her in ages past.”

Amen, brother.

You see, the thing is, most men fail to treat their women right not because they are just mean-spirited, evil, and trapped in the patriarchal past. They do it because they are unaware and they don’t know how to.

So, gentlemen of the land, whether your girlfriend is complaining of your overly-manly-world ways or she is simply letting you do as you wish, your relationship will be so much better if you follow these tips.

Also, if you’re a Bahai (like me), then remember that equality in a relationship is a requirement in our religion.

The Warlock Says… SHE IS YOUR EQUAL!

The first thing that you’re going to learn from me today is how to treat her as your equal. Here are five ways to make your woman feel like she’s actually your equal in the relationship (and not feel less manly about it in the process):

Ask about her opinion on things. Whether it’s about which tie to get for the day, or where to eat for dinner, or if you should move in together or not, her opinion should matter to you. And more importantly, you should show that it does! You can’t just live your life according to you; a serious relationship is one that takes your partner as a partner – the essential other half of the relationship without whom the relationship would fail to totally function. For many guys, learning Conversational Seduction to pick women up is not natural, but here’s a great guide on how to talk to a girl on PUADatabase (not affiliated with the Warlock). Getting her opinion should be an Eternal Command in dating and seducing women.

Compromise. No relationship would ever survive without compromise. It’s basically just the fancy word for ‘meeting halfway’ so I totally don’t understand why some people get cranky about the C-word. It’s just simply getting to agree on what works for you both; it may not exactly be the exact same way you wanted it, but it will go for the greater good a.k.a. ‘no fighting’. So yeah, it’s just making her feel and know that you value her opinion on things that concern the two of you.

Don’t limit her to roles that society dictates as exclusive for women or any such thing. Just because you’re the guy does not mean you have to always man up about things; and just because she’s the girl does not mean you will expect them to do the house cleaning or that they should come home early to get food. Oh, and that also includes not making her pay for dates – go Dutch because you’re both capable anyway! Being an equal means being able to do anything in the relationship without fear of stepping on each other’s egos  just because you chose to be diverse about the roles you play in the relationship.

Share your secrets with her. Yes, even the ones that would make you seem weak. Treating her like an equal means not having to worry about looking ‘less manly’ to her because you are and have gone beyond borders of your gender roles. Keeping her as a confidante even in things that you would normally just tell your guy friends about, or the things that would normally make you feel weak will make her feel like you trust her and that you value her reason that she won’t at all judge you for whatever it is.

And let her do the same: let her tell you anything. Let her not be afraid of how you are going to react to her thoughts – even the wildest ones. Let her tell you about things without fear of being judged because ‘she is a woman and she shouldn’t think such thoughts’. Let her know that she can trust you and that you won’t judge her on account of her gender; let her know that she can speak of anything in the relationship because you are equally valuable.

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